Monday, January 20, 2014

Review Tony Moly Luminous Goddess Aura BB Cream

Yay! It's my first content of the blog. Finally I brave myself to publish something after neglecting this blog for a couple of weeks!
This lovely looking BB cream is what I'd like to review now. Why I chose this to be my first content? Becoz i just got it. No particular reason LOL.
After googling for some other reviews, I was craving to have this babe immediately and try it on, becoz unlike the other infamous Korean BB cream (I don't hafta mention the brand, no?), this one has fewer bad reviews. So I thought I would give it a shot.
Kay, here u go.

The box colour should be white with pink colour blushing from the bottom ot the box. And can you see that black round stamp over there? Yeah, it should be gold. Thanks to my low resolution camera, it turns out black. The bottle down here is made of plastic with pink and white combination.

This product claims that you'll gain moisture and radiant look, smoothness, firmness, as well as blemishes covers. And oh look, there's SPF 37 PA++ written on the packaging too. So this product gives both protection against UVA and UVB.
Aaannd... The ingredient. Well, uhm, the ingredient... I don't know. They're all written in native Korean. LOL.
Well, let's see what's inside.

This is what comes out of the bottle. Becareful, with just one light press will pump out a pretty large amount of the content. I did that for the first time and spoiled quite a mess :(
The shade only comes in one colour, similar to light to natural beige, which is ok for me since I have a light complexion. It smells nice too.

This is actully the picture of a scar on the back of my palm. Before and after applying, and under direct sunlight. Look how the cream conceal the scar, not completely concealed though but what can you expect from a BB cream? Foundation or concealer works best for this. 
I can see that this BBC gives a sheer glow on my hand. So it does gives you a moisture and radiant look as it promised.

This is someones's face (ok, it's mine) before n after the application. My bare face and my BB cream face. I use nothing but this cream only so ignore all those bags under my eyes and the bald eyebrows. Surprisingly, I love how this cream gives a matte look, unlike the one I got when applying this cream on the back of my hand. I think I can go out just like that without applying cake powder for an extremely sheer, natural look. Suitable for highschooler maybe (but I'm no highschooler Lol).

This is how it'll look after you apply some more makeup under direct sunlight. The left one with BB cream and cake powder, and the right one with full makeup on. I actually went to a wedding after this and this cream did the job quite well for a BB cream. It didn't break out and my nose started producing its natural oil mine after 2 to 3 hours.

So far, I love this BB cream and this is what i think:
It gives matte look
Only comes in one shade (I think it's more like light to natural beige)
Too pale for most Indonesian complexion
Medium coverage
Nice sheer fragrant
Medium oil control
The content is pretty generous (45 g is actually quite a lot)

Are those pros or cons? You decide! ^_^

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