Friday, January 31, 2014

Tutorial: How To Make Your Eyes Look Droopy

This is not the tutorial for droopy eyes, but how to make your eyes look droopy. So this article is definitely for those fierce-eye babes/dudes out there, like me. Droopy eyes literally means lowering or drooping of the upper eyelid giving you sad looking eyes.

I have a fierce face, and that's becoz i have fierce eyes. For years and years and years I had always been faithful to the style 'cat wink' due to its sexiness. Little did I know that doing that would only make my face look more violent. Until I found this Gyaru eye make up on the internet.

The key to Gyaru eye make up is the upper eye liner striked lower than your real eye line and the lower liner striked lower that your real lower eye line, giving you a cute droopy look. When I tried it, I can see that my expression looked nicer and much cuter hehehe. Where was that fierce look go?

I have looked thru' many gyaru tutorials and combined them to make my very own version of errr... gyaru eye make up? Nah... I'm too embarrased to call this gyaru becoz I'm not one. Let's just say it's gyaru inspired eye make up. INSPIRED. LOL. Let's start!

You'll need these:
Black eye liner
White eye liner
Gold eye shadow
Silver eye shadow
3 pieces of dramatic upper eye lashes
1 piece of natural upper eye lashes
Light brown eyebrow drawer/pencil

  1. Start with a clean eye. After applying your fav base and cake powder, put eye shadow primer on all over your eye lids and lower eye area. Circle lenses are optional.
  2. Put silver or white eye shadow on your upper eye lid.
  3. Apply dark brown or black (depending on the intensity you want, the darker the more intense) on your crease and outer lid.
  4. Put on black eye liner on your upper eye lid like I did in the pic. Make sure to make it thicker in the middle. Strike the end a bit longer than your real eye line. Don't forget to color your tear duct as well.
  5. Apply gold powder eye shadow on your eyebrows and finish it with light brown or gold eyebrow drawer.
  6. Put silver/white eye shadow on your brow bone.

And you're done! If you wish for a very natural droopy eye look, stop now. But, if you want to test your limit more, follow the next steps:

7. Draw a line on your lower eyelid like I did in te pic. Make sure to use the easiest eyeliner type
    according to you since this part is a bit tricky. I use gel eye liner. Stop in the middle of your lower
8. Fill the blank part with black eye liner or eye shadow.
9. Fill the other half of your lower lid white white pencil or silver eyeshadow. 

Once again. You can stop here if you think this look is dramatic enough. But if you wanna go a bit further, let's continue. LOL.

10. Pick your favorite fake eye lashes and put them as close as possible to your upper lash bed. Put
      mascara and curl your lashes.
11. Pick another fake eye lashes with a more natural look and cut it into half.
12. Glue that lashes close to your bottom lash bed. I suggest not to use fake eye lashes for lower 
      eye since you won't catch the dramatic look. Use upper fake eye lashes instead.

Okay. Is there any more way to make this look more... Errr... Dramatic? For me, this step has already reach my confidence limit. But... If you crave some more, okay, let me show it.

13. See the gap line between your upper and lower fake eye lashes? Fill it with another one! ^_^
14. Measure that gap length and cut another fake eye lashes.
15. Glue them to that gap and tadaaaa, you're done! Finally done! I couldn't think any more way to 
      upgrade the dramatic level of this look. LOL.

Tip: I do not sugget these last 3 steps since that lashes on the gap line won't move when you blink your eye. It will look weird. But the choice is up to you. Who am I to judge?

Final result:

Can you see that my eyes still look 'cute' and kind though I make a fierce face? No...? Oh, okay...  >_<

Here's a comparison for you to choose between natural or dramatic look. The key is on the fake eye lashes!

Have fun and good luck! ^0^

The tools I used for the eyebrows:
Inez powder eye shadow (aztec gold)
Etude color my brows (light brown)

And for the eyes:
NYX Single eye shadow (dark brown)
Inez powder shadow (sparkling silver)
Etude gel liner (black)
Etude proof 10 pencil (black)
NYX white pencil
Itsdiva eye lashes
Ageha softlens

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