Friday, February 21, 2014

Rainbow On My Eyes

Yeay! My eye makeup tutorial is finally done! The theme this time is obviously based from rainbow color. Warning, there will be overload usage of pink shade in this page ^^

Okay, let's start!

1. Prime your eyes and draw your eyebrows.
2. Apply bright pink shade on your upper eyelids.
3. Apply dark purple shade on your outer eyelids.
4. Reapply your outter eyelids with black eyeshadow. This will create a dark purple shade.

Tip: You can combine step 3 and 4 if you have dark purple shade.

5. Line your upper eyelids with black eyeliner. Wing it a little.
6. Draw your lower waterline and lower lash line with white pencil.
7. Apply baby blue eyeshadow on your lower water line.
8. Using an angle brush, apply light green eyeshadow on your lower water line.

9. Last step. Put fake upper eye lashes, apply mascara, and curl your lashes. 
Retouch your eyeliner and eyeshadow. And you are done!

Final result:

Oh, in case you get annoyed by the low resolution pictures, here are some examples using a better camera. It was too much hassle taking all those selfies above using a real camera so I used my phone camera. My bad! 

Hope you can see it clearly. Please ignore all the reckless spots I have done!

  • Etude eyebrow drawer
  • Inez gold powder shadow (to draw my eyebrow)
  • NYX eye primer
  • NYX white eye pencil
  • Itsdiva lashes
  • Etude Drawing Show Creamy Liner in Black
  • LA colors eyeshadow
  • Princess Universe Softlens (Andromeda)

That is all for now. Feel free to drop any comment or suggestion, or critics, or errrr... Anger? See you!

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