Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser

The name of this product is kinda odd, yet obvious, for me. The 'booth babe' told me this product would give a tremendous effect on reducing the appearance of your pores. Well, for me, that function kinda impossible. Reducing the look will only work if you use a lot of foundation and cake powder. But curiosity beat me. So after reading a lot of good reviews, I decided to buy this from their official online store. It was on sale! Sorry, booth babe! LOL. Please note that TBS only sell their products on the official counters and official online store. They won't guarantee the authenticity if you buy this from other sources.

I don't have problem with that shinny greasy face but this flat nose of mine--and still fully functioned as a breathing tool Alhamdulillah--does. And my forehead as well, which I usually wiped with my clothes tissue. Hehehe...

This is what the product looks like:

The packaging comes in green shade, TBS style, but I think the tube cap would have been better if it comes in pop-up style.

What comes outta the bottle was something non-sticky yellowish kinda cream with unique smell.

I've read some reviews that this has very awful smell which I didn't agree since I found it very refreshing. When you apply this to your face you'll feel a cool sensation on your skin so be careful when dabbing this near you eye area.

And one of the most important aspects, the ingredients. Hope you can read this clearly. Please reconsider purchasing/using if you are allergic to one of these:

Tea tree is commonly used as an antiseptic and I find this ingredient in many acne treatment products.
I apply this to all over my face and a more generous amount on the nose since it has the heaviest oil excess and I think it does a wonderful job on mattifying your skin. Usually, my nose gets shinny after half an hour in outdoor activity and 2 hours in indoor activity, but after I use this, the matte look spanned to 6 hours in outdoor. No touch up! Matte nose alert. LOL. I'm so happy I find this! 

Here's a few tips from me:
  • This product will do wonderful job on blemishes skin 
  • For those of you with dry skin problems, this will do no good for you 
  • For combination skin types, use this only on oil excess parts
  • I use this on my oily eyelids to make my eyeliner stay longer, but please do it very carefully
  • For best result, apply oil-free sunscreen and oil-free moisturizer BEFORE using this. The order is: SPF cream - moisturizer - TBS tea tree pore minimiser - foundation/BB cream
  • After applying this, do not dab your foundation/BB cream too hard with your fingers since the dried cream of this product will fall off

And so far, here's my verdicts:
  • Non sticky formula
  • Expensive (IDR 219K or USD 20 for 30 ml???)
  • Strong smell of tea tree (some of you might be annoyed by this)
  • Good oil control
  • Not for dry skin
  • The cream is too thick, you have to squeeze quite a lot to get enough
  • The dried cream will fall off if you dab your foundie too hard
  • Cool/mint sensation on your skin

Will I repurchase? Maybe... If I haven't found a cheaper product with equal effect yet!

Note: I use this on my normal-oily combination skin type. Results may vary to others.

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