Sunday, February 9, 2014

Review: Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Liner & Proof 10 Auto Pencil "a Comparison"

You ever seen a creature, a mixed blood between a raccoon and a panda? Well, that's me, when using eyeliners. Especially when I draw them on my under eyelids. I mean, my eyes are sensitive towards beautiful boy almost anything including the wind. So, yeah, I shed tears a lot, things get worse because I have such oily eyelids. So they wouldn't last long on my eye. I used to wear brown pencil eyeliner to soften the smudge effect up, but c'mon, brown pencil? What can it do?
I heard that Bobbi Brown eyeliners is the superhero regarding its water resistant and smudge proof ability. But it's expensive, nooo I'm a cheap skate.
So I decided to try out eyeliners from Etude House. I bought two kinds of their eyeliners just in case. Let me show you my experience when using these two:

Etude House Proof 10 Auto Pencil 

There are a few Proof 10 lines launched by EH and this is one of them. They claim this to be waterproof, smudge proof, and suitable for sensitive eyes. They come in five shades. Mine is BK801.

The pencil comes in a blue plastic body,  roll on type, equipped with a sharpener on the other side of the tip. It is quite pointy at the beginning but as you draw more, it'll turn to round shape which is a bit tricky to create a precise thin line. That's why it's equipped with a sharpener. But I prefer to just twist it up since sharpening will waste more product.

When I draw this, it didn't give the blackest black I wanted, maybe BK802 does better? I don't know. That shade was unavailable at the time I bought it. And when I apply my eyeshadow, this eyeliner looked even less pigmented, so I had to swipe more to get it more stand out than the shadow.

I will share the result later on. Let's move on to the other eye liner.

Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Liner

EH didn't claim this to be long lasting, but some reviews told it so. So I decided to buy this in BK802 shade. They actually comes in a few shades:

BK801 and BK802 are all black. But BK801 has a quick dry formula which will dry at its first stroke. Suitable for the experts. So I chose BK802.

This liner comes in a flirty triangle pink box. Inside it, you'll find the pot and a brush. They were set separately though, so I might keep the box to keep them together, just in case. Maybe they should have come in a combined set. 

The brush really did a great job for a precise line, thick or thin. I love the brush! The result also gives you a pretty dense black color. Much much more pigmented than the pencil.


Okay, first let me show the result after I use this for about 8 hours. I draw different liners on each of my eyes. It was such a busy day, just look at my eye bags! LOL. I took this with my iPad though, sorry for the low resolution.

I live in a humid hot city, so oily eyelids is a definite case. The pencil liner faded faster than the gel one. Can you see it? But it sure did a better job regarding its smudge proof and water resistant ability. It actually smudged but juuuust a little. Maybe those with non-oily eyelids would love this. But for me it's just slightly better than my old ones.

And as for the gel liner? It smudged. Definitely smudged. I mean, a lot. But it stays longer than the pencil. So I guess these two has their own pluses and minuses.


EH Proof 10 Auto Pencil
  • Hard to get the precise line once the tip is no longer pointy
  • the color is not very pigmented, very natural look
  • does not sting
  • easily faded
  • but it's more smudge proof and water resistant 
  • price when I bought this: IDR 90K (USD 8-9). May vary.

EH Drawing Show Creamy Liner
  • the brush will give you a nice precise line
  • very pigmented. This is what you'd call: jet black!
  • does not sting
  • not easily faded
  • less smudge proof and water resistant
  • price when I bought this: IDR 13K (USD 13). May vary.

Considering my above experience, I guess my adventure on looking for the right eyeliner for me will still continue. Or maybe some of you had the same problem with me and already found your superhero eyeliner? Mind to share it with me? ^_^

Note: I write this based on my experience. Result my vary.

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