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Review: Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit (Natural BeigeW13)

This Korean BB cream is perhaps a legend in asian BB cream history. This, and her sister--the Bright Fit serries--has become the most reviewed BB cream ever in asia. So I think a beauty blog is not complete without an article reviewing this baby hahaha, as for I am pretty curiuos why this cream has an enormous fame amongst all.

Doing some research, the difference between Bright Fit and Cotton Fit serries is the finishing result. Bright Fit for dewy result--definitely for dry skin type, and the other one for matte result, best for oily skin. Since I'm in love in matte finishing, so I chose the Cotton Fit series. My skin will look dewy after a few hours anyhow, thanks to my natural facial oil hahahaha.

This BB cream was bottled in a matte white tube embossed with blue letters and a big golden BB cream logo in the middle. The purplish blue cap comes in a pump shape which I adore since it's more hygienic.

This BB cream was actually launched in three shades:

N02 : light beige
W13  : natural beige
W24 : honey beige

Honey beige is perhaps the more suitable color for most Indonesian, altho' I think it would still look too fair.

Since my complexion usually works best with natural beige shade, so I chose shade W13. Comfort zone alert  ^_^

And this is the ingredients.

This is the result when I dabbed it on my hand:

I took these pictures with no filter, and to be honest I have a lot of scars on my hand. Cooking, fighting, gardening, fighting, fighting, fighting, etc. LOL. I put this cream to cover the scar my kid gave me months ago :) and as you can see on the bottom picture that this product gave me a pretty good coverage for quite a deep scar like that.

When I apply this on my face I was astonished by the result since it gave me the highest level of coverage compared to other BB creams I tried before. I only have to apply this once, and one layer is enough to cover all the dark and red spots on my face, I didn't think I have to put on some more eye concealer to cover my raccoon eyes. Amazing.

I stayed late quite often at night and that gave me a pretty heavy dark circles around my eyes. Again, these photos were taken with NO filter, and the AFTER picture on the right was me wearing merely the BB cream itself and those dark circles were just like... almost never there. 

I would definitely recommend this BB cream for you, oily skin type owners due to its matte finishing. For best matte result I suggest you to apply your favourite cake or loose powder after applying this cream. But if you want a more natural and dewy result, just leave the powder behind, and put on your cream blusher (or face tint) on your cheek bones. I know it is actually matte finishing, but your natural facial oil will slowly change the look from matte to dewy if you don't apply your powder afterwards.

Here's my conclusion:
Matte finishing
Good coverage
Best result on fair skin complexion :(
Best result for oily skin type
Good staying power
Don't break out
Pretty generous contain (60 g)
Price: IDR 165k in olshoppes and IDR 450K in official counters
(Approx. USD 17 or USD 45)

Hope you find this review resourceful enough. Don't hesitate to give any comment or suggestion. ^_^

Hi, I just want to give a review after using this cream for about 2 months, it gives me acnes. Everytime I use this, then the day after, an acne always come out. I don't know what's wrong. I mean, I always utterly doing my cleansing routines after each usage, that is makeup remover, cleansing milk, face wash, rinse with water for about 5 minutes, and face toner. But there's always an acne emergence afterwards. What a let down since this BB cream has a very good coverage and staying power. Compared to Tony Moly Luminous Aura BB cream and my HG Pond's Age Miracle, my skin reacts way better to those. 

Note: this is truly my experience and the result may vary to each individual.

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