Saturday, March 8, 2014

DIY: How to Move Your Dead Lipstick into a Coffin

When you buy a lipstick, you hafta make sure it's not broken or expired yet before leaving the counter or you'll end up regretting it.

That was happened to me a few days ago, leaving the cash register immediately and headed back home without rechecking what I just purchased. I put that lipstick in my drawer immediately for a few days and just found out the stick was broken days later when I unwrapped it. 

So this what was actually happened:

And when I flipped the tube, the stick fell out.

Turned out the stick was broken to its bottom. LOL.
Did I feel sorry? Errrr.... not really. It wasn't an expensive one. And I felt lazy to claim the seller. It was not a severe damage, at least for me.

So I changed it into this:

Well, some of you might already familiar with this DIY process, but I pressume some of you might not yet. So lemme show you.

You're gonna need:
  • A metal spoon
  • A spatula (a cosmetic spatula would be better instead of cooking utensil. LOL)
  • A coffin container
  • A lighter
  • A candle
How to do it:

  1. You might want to soak your container, spatula, and the spoon in a hot water. Not a boiled one since the plastic tools will melt. But hot enough to clean them. Or just wash them thoroughly with soap. Whichever.
  2. Take your lipstick using the spatula out of its tube. Up to the bottom. And put it on the spoon.
  3. Warm them on the lighted candle until the lipstick melt.
  4. When 3/4 part of your lipstick is melted, lift your spoon and leave the rest of the stick melt on its own. You don't wanna burn it since it will change the formula.
  5. Pour it into the container using the spatula. Do it quickly or the lipstick might get solid again. If this happen, don't worry. Just warm the spoon again slowly.
  6. Leave it rest in peace in the fridge for a couple of minutes.
  7. Take it out once it regains its consciousness.
  8. Close the cap. And now your dead lipstick is alive again. In its coffin. Yeay!

Lookee, my lipstick have come back from the after life! Does she look pretty healthy... for a Zombie?

p.s.: comments or suggestions are always welcome. Smooch!

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