Sunday, March 2, 2014

IBB MUC February 2014 "Summer Fairy Tale"

This is my second months since the first time I started blogging, and the first time I become one of the participants of Makeup Challenge presented by Indonesia Beauty Blogger community. The theme is Summer Fairytale.

Ok, anyway, this what comes in my mind about a summer fairy, or at least, this is what I wanna look like if I were reborn as a fairy:

How to do:
  1. Apply eyeshadow base and draw your eyebrow.
  2. Draw your upper liner and the "wings" using gel liner.
  3. Apply blue eyeshadow on all over your upper eyelids. Then apply purple and green shadows.
  4. Apply black eyeshadow to cut your crease.
  5. Draw your lower waterline with white pencil and your lash line with black pencil.
  6. Dust pink glitter on the "wings". Use petroleum jelly as the glue.
  7. Retouch your upper liner and the wing with gel liner again.
  8. Glue your fake eyelashes.

Full face view:

I look feisty for a fairy. I think my face suits a witch better with all red and black nuance. Hahaha.

These are the tools I used.

Base makeup:

Eye makeup:

  • Viva Body Painting (purple)

This competition actually allows us to submit three looks, but IDK. Hope I will get the chance to create the second and even the third one, if my kid is asleep. Hahaha.

I kinda remember something after finishing the makeup. Why did I choose purple as my color theme for summer fairytale? What have I thought? Oh, what the hell. Winning or not, I still enjoy the process tho'. ^^

Oh, more snapshots using my phone camera. I think I look better using my phone camera thanks to its blur effect. LOL.

For other IBB MUC participants, I wish you all good luck. See you!

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