Saturday, March 1, 2014

Review: The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain

Lip tints are in right now, and those gradient lips style was like all over the place, it makes me kinda sick sometimes hahaha. Well, I have to admit that I'm not really into it because that look makes me look pale. But that's not the reason for me of not wanting a lip tint. 

For those of you who wants to try out a lip tint manufactured by a brand outside the booming Korea, you'd better try this.

I have been using this product for about a year, probably when they first launched it, it was on sale. The actual price was around IDR 160K or 170K, pretty expensive for me tho, but I was curious. My first lip stain was produced by Sugar Baby, I had a hard time looking for it once the product was run out because I thought the brand was discontinued in Indonesia, so I thought this one will be an equal substitute. And yeah... This is the only lip tint I have. At the moment, at least.

I think this only comes in one shade, the one you'd call vampy red.

The brush looks similar like the usual brushes for lip gloss. Very familiar.

The formula is watery, so this might be a problem for dry lips. It has a sweet scent of a fruit, maybe it's strawberry or IDK, it's very fruity LOL. It even tastes good when you lick it. But please don't eat this. It's a cosmetic, not a food.

The color may look vampy on the bottle, or once you tap this on you lips/cheek, but remember that you'll have to spread the liquid, and once you did, the color will look more natural. 

Judging from the name, this can be applied on both cheek and lips, but to be honest I barely put this on my cheek since it's a bit tricky to spread it perfectly and the color will fade away very quickly. Besides, putting this on your cheek will consume a large amount of the product, so I prefer my powder blusher instead.

This is what it looked like on my lips. And no... I didn't use this for gradient lips look LOL. I spread this to all over my lips instead, with my finger tips and added petroleum jelly on top of it. I love this, it gives me natural healthy looking lips. 

Here are a few tips when using this:
  • Dab a few spots on your lips/cheek using the applicator and spread them with your finger tips, do not rub. Just dab it.
  • For dry lips, use this first, let it absorb for a while then use your favorite chap stick or lip balm. I once tried wearing lip balm first before applying this, and the result wasn't blended perfectly. Remember the water-oil formula?
  • For gradient look, well... You know how LOL. I shouldn't explain any more further.

Okay, let's gather some facts about this reddish babe:
  • Only comes in one shade I suppose
  • Fruity scent and sweet taste, but it's not edible XD
  • Matte result
  • Perfect for 'no makeup' look
  • Very low staying power on the cheeks
  • Great staying power on your lips
  • Watery formula. Dry lips, beware!
  • Price: IDR 170K (USD 17)

Are those pros or cons? You decide!

Will I buy it again? Well, perhaps. This product gives a great effect on me although it makes my lips dry. But the shade is just purrrfect.

Orright, thanks for reading. Hope this article is useful for you. Any comments or suggestions are very welcome ^^

Note: result may vary to others.

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