Saturday, March 29, 2014

Review: Etude House Kissful Lip Care Lip Concealer

I bought this out of curiousity. What a lip concealer would do, I wonder? Does it work like an eye primer? Wouldn't a regular concealer be enough? It was cheap anyway (IDR 58K), so I didn't think twice to purchase this. Pardon me, I don't mean to sound so snob.
This tube comes in a tiny nude colored plastic tube, looks like a lip balm, with a creepy smiling girl illustration. Yeah, I think she's creepy. >_<

If you glide it on, you'll find this pale odorless stick that almost look like a regular concealer.

The ingredients and directions of use.

This product claims to even out the color of your lips and make your lipstick color look more vivid. But how they'll look on my lips? I've prepared some examples.
My bare lips is actually very pale and light colored. Note that you'll need an extra lip balm application before wearing this. I don't feel that heavy sensation on my lips like when I'm wearing a regular concealer stick on my lips. It is very light and not sticky.
Here are a few examples using lipsticks:
Do you notice that my lipstick color is lighter on the area applied with this concealer?

This example is more obvious. I tried to do that gradient look, and my neon pink lipstick changed into baby pink.
I tried a lot of lipsticks using this primer but I just took pictures of those two. Do I like it? I would answer, no. Not at all. This product really keeps its promise to lengthen the staying power of your lipstick color but at the same time also soften up their intensities. Many reviews I read claims the opposite effect though. I think this will work best for those who have natural dark lips and wanted to make it lighter, or when you want to make that Geisha or creepy doll look! Hahaha.
  • Odorless
  • Works best for dark lips
  • Non sticky formula
  • I don't think this product will make your lipstick color pop out
  • Doesn't make your lips dry like a regular concealer, but lip balm usage is suggested
  • Maximize your lipstick staying power
  • Price when I bought this: IDR 58K (USD 6)
Curiousity about one thing happened only once.

Have you tried this product before and have the opposite sentiment? Why don't give me your thoughts? Thanks for reading my review. ^^

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