Monday, March 17, 2014

Review: Lip Ice Sheer Color "Bubble Gum"

Back again to budget beauty review ^_^

Hey, I've been using this Lip Ice thing since college, and ever since then I've bought dozens (maybe a hundred) of it because this lovely pink thing has become one of my everyday makeup routine.

To be honest, Lip Ice variant had multiplied into numerous items which kinda confused me. Lip Ice this, Lip Ice that. I kinda lazy reading each one of its variant (I always buy this while doing my monthly expenditure: enpagrow, mamih pokoh, bimolih, kecap bango, rinsso, odol, etc), it would be too much hassle reading one by one. So I usually will just pick any item with a pink color >_<
Let's see what I just grabbed:
I think most girls are very familiar with this, but for some of you who don't know what Lip Ice is, well, basically it's a tinted lip balm.
According to the backside of the packaging:
Goes on clear, then, changes to a subtle shade of sheer pink
So, when you glide this on your lips, the color won't change, but after a few minutes your lips will change color into a nice sheer pink shade. Already familiar with bunny lipstick (the green lipstick with golden chinese letters which your relatives usually brought from Hajj?), well, it's more or less like that. LOL

Nothing changed much in the packaging since the very first time I bought it: Pink plastic glide-on tube with baby pink plastic cap. The stick inside is white with a sheer fragrance of bubble gum (for this variant).

The ingredients and directions of use:

The result:

My bare lips and after the application. Actually, it changed a lot pinker than that, I glided too much XD

I've been using this for more than 10 years, from the time when Maybelline lipstick is an enormous luxury for me, and spending IDR 25K for makeup is an insane useless improvidence (but I spent USD100 for Marilyn Manson hardcovered autobiography!). Okay, it's out of topic... 

So far, for the last 10 consecutive years, I love the effect on me. It really soften up my lips but also give a sheer pink shade. At least I won't look too pale, compared to the time when I wear my colorless petroleum jelly. I think, this product is suitbale when you don't want to show too much effort to look pretty. Hischoolers, hello... ^^
  • Moisturize your lips
  • Sheer pink shade after a few minutes application
  • Matte result
  • Easy to apply compared to lipstick
  • Nice fragrance
  • Price: Less than IDR 20K (USD 2)
  • Low staying power (in colors and moisturizer effect)
  • Easy to get
  • Where? Drugstores, convenience stores, supermarkets, traditional markets, everywhere! XD

Always. How about you darlings?

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