Saturday, March 8, 2014

Review: Maybelline Hyperglossy Liquid Liner - Tangerine

In reality, black or brown eyeliner is enough. You can always replace multi colored eyeliner with applying eyeshadow with a wet angled brush. But it's such a hassle, and a real eyeliner, will definitely look different than an eyeshadow.
So I give this a shot. The infamous Maybelline multi color liquid liner.

Mine is Tangerine, or orange.
The brush tip is quite pointy, so far I like it. But the handle is too narrow for me.

This is what the color will look like on your eyelids. Ignore the mess, pretty please? It is very.... Orange. And it's glossy.
Some amount will stain your eyelashes if you're not carefull enough, like me. Just cover it with mascara. You don't wanna look like having orange eyelashes, or do you?
Okay, let's test its waterproof performance.

The formula is glossy and a bit shimmering.

Run it with tap water. Still look amazing.

I rub it with my hand softly. Some lines were peeled off.

This is after I rubbed it violently. Hehehe. It turned to small flakes.

I have been using this product for about two months, but unfortunately, due to its funky effect, I can only wear this on special occassions, not everyday. On those times, I went out approximately for 5-6 hours and the orange lines stays quite well the whole time, if you don't rub them of course (no eyeliner can stand strong if you rub it!). And it doesn't stain my lower eyelids, maybe because its flaky effect when you rub it. FYI, I have very oily eyelids.

 One thing I gotta warn you that this liner kinda gimme a sting sensation, I don't know whether some of you might experience the same thing with me, or not, but it surely does sting. But only on first attempt and will fade after quite some time.

So far I like bright colored eyeliner since I have racoon eyes, at least it eliminates the chance of having more dark circles like the effect you get when wearing black or brown eyeliners. Yeah, I guess I just found one trick for that problem XD.

Bright orange, creates funky look
Glossy effect
Stings my eyes
Pointy brush but for me the tip is too soft
Price: around IDR 40K (USD 4)

Noooo, it's just for an experiment. There are tons of multi colored eyeliners and I'd like to try them all.

How about you? Have your tried this eyeliner series, if so, in what color?

Thanks for reading.

Ps: written based on my own experience. Results may vary to each individual.


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