Sunday, January 4, 2015

Review: Mustika Ratu Amuspa Buketan Series -- Lipstick & Blusher

Mustika Ratu is one of many Indonesian leading cosmetic brands, one of the oldest, ranges from makeup, skin care, body care, slimming products, to bath and spa needs. Here I would like to review their lipstick and blusher from Amuspa Buketan series, part of the makeup trend launched in 2012. FYI, that series was dominated with baby pink and soft purple shades, my kinda colors.

Let's check out their performances, shall we?


Their blusher series come in two shades, pink and teracota. I chose the pink one since teracota would only make my face look clownish.

The packaging is made of transparent and golden plastic, kinda cute actually, equipped with mirror and a brush with similar color. So far I love the packaging, it doesn't look cheap at all.

And to tell you the truth, this blusher is actually very small, only 3.2 gr. So if you're kinda big spender person who would use this everyday, you'll find the content is pretty cheapskate for IDR 42K. The brush for me is not very useful, it's so skinny, so I prefer using my own brush. How can I use a blusher with skinny brush?

The shade is baby pink. The picture above is the real color in reality. At first I kinda doubt it will show off, but I was wrong. The shade comes in a pretty pink color on my face, but only if you use foundation or BB cream first.


The Amuspa Buketan lipstick comes only in two shades: purple and pink. Mine is purple.

Similar to the blusher, the lipstick packaging comes in a beautiful golden tube. The purple shade here is not the kind of purple I was looking for, but it's a safe color. The one you'd call pink undertone purple or pinkish purple. The price was around IDR 35K.

What I don't like from this lipstick is the smell. It smells like candy the first time you open the tube, but once you apply it on your lips, it doesn't smell very good. How should I explain it? Ever used Dior Addict lipstick before? It's pretty similar.

This lipstick gives you creamy effect, doesn't dry your lips, and the staying power is medium. The pigmentation is the least thing I like, very very poor. I had to apply several times before achieving an opaque shade like this:

This is the color swatch on my inner hand with indoor lighting.

1. Lipstick swatch
2. Blusher swatch


Nice packaging & travel size friendly
That's why the nett weight is only 3.2 gr
Price: IDR 42K, may vary
The brush is too small, not very usable
Matte effect
Medium pigmentation
Medium staying power
Pretty baby pink shade

Nice packaging
Pink undertone purple
Bad smell
Poor pigmentation
Creamy effect
Medium staying power
Price: IDR 35K, may vary

No. They come in pretty colors and cheap price but I can get so much better quality from other local brands compare to this, even with cheaper price. This is the first time I ever use their makeup line and to be honest I kinda dissapointed by the quality. Well, that's my own opinion. I use their cleansing milk and face toner tho' and I like them, but the cosmetics? Big no no for me.

What about you?

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