Thursday, March 6, 2014

Review: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - Istanbul

I've been keeping an eye for this matte lip color for quite some time before deciding to own it.
Udah lama naksir ama yg ini, akhirnya gue punya jugaaaa...!

The best thing from the bottle is the cap, it felt velvety and smooth. I love touching it. ^_____^
Tutup botolnya halus banget, dop dop gimanaaa gitu, kayak beludru. Tapi ngapain juga ya tutupnya gue bahas?

This series have tons of beautiful color. It was quite a hassle to choose the right one since some of them comes in similar shades. I aimed for a pale pink one. And after a long quarel between choosing Tokyo or Istanbul, so I finally decided to buy the last one since Tokyo is too pale, I think it suits caucasian lip color better. While Istanbul is similar to natural pink lip tone.
Sebenernya gue udah lama mikir mau beli yang Tokyo atau Istanbul, tapi akhirnya gue beli yg Istanbul aja kali yaaaa, secara Tokyo itu pucet banget, lebih cuco buat bibir bule yg rata2 emang udeh pink alami. Lagian seri lipstik ini warnanya banyak yg mirip. Kalo beli di online dan nasib lo lagi apes, bisa2 salah dapet warna. Hehehehe
These are the swatches which I took under natural lighting and indoor lighting. How can they be so different? The content comes in a condensed thick liquid with an alluring aroma of coffee and milk. I had a good time smelling it.
Ini swatch nya di indoor dan outdoor. Baunya enak, kayak kopi susu.

Unfortunately I forgot to take my bare lips for your reference. So I just took my old photograph which I copied from my old article. Here it is:

Warna asli bibir gue, kayak gini:

Aaaannd, here's the color when applied to my lips, with both lighting as well:

Dan setelah ditampol pake lip color ini, hasilnya jadi begini nih:

And, voila, this is exactly the result I want: matte nude lips. I had a pretty good time doing my cullinary trip in outdoors and the lipstick just stayed where they should be. A little suggestion, you might wanna dab a bit gloss to your lips for a more natural looking lips.
Demen! Warna bibir banget. Tu ari gue berasa cakepan. Hasilnya matte abis tapi ga bikin bibir kering walaupun aslinya bibir gue gampang kering. Staying power nya oke banget. Hari itu gue makan bakso, lanjut ke batagor n somay, disapu lagi pake es teh manis, ga ilang sodara2. Tapi mungkin saking matte hasilnya, bibir lo bakal keliatan kering banget, jadi rada kurang natural gitu. Tapi gpp, tinggal tampol aja pake lipgloss/lipbalm, beres.
Conclusion/Ikhtisar (taelah, ikhtisar...):
  • Matte result
  • Nice smell
  • Reasonable price: IDR 85K in online shops
  • Large variety of shades (but some of them comes in similar ones)
  • Medium staying power
  • Doesn't dry your lips
  • Pigmented. One dip per usage.
Of course lah! I fell in love. How about you? Ever tried this before or deciding to buy one? Tell me what you think :)
Note: The result my vary to each individuals

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