Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Review: Sariayu Marshmallow Creamy Blush On

I was looking for a cream blusher when I found out that Sariayu--a local Indonesian cosmetic line--just launched one in 2014. I was eager to try it out. Let's say, if your local brand has it, why try others?


Because I'm lazy to go outside, I bought it from its official online store which costed me around IDR 50K (USD 5). And that blusher arrived inside this beautifully painted white box:

First I thought, whoa, the box is pretty bulky.

But when I opened it, I was like... say whaaaaat?  
The treasure hidden inside that beautiful white box was a super duper mini tiny plastic transparent jar which I pressumed as the blusher itself.
The jar somehow reminds me of The Body Shop lip balm series, so I took it as a comparison to show you how tiny this blusher is. TBS lip balm even has more generous content. 6gr vs 8.5 gr.

The ingredients:

This texture is pretty solid for a cream blusher.

It only comes in one shade, thus I would assume this reddish orangey shade is suitable for any kinds of skin tone. No weird smell, in case you're wondering.

Here's the swatch on my inner hand which has similar skin tone with my cheek.
Above picture is a raw swatch and below is after I blend it. It's not the pinkish shade you look for, more of a pretty red/orange shade that's suitable for most Indonesian complexion.
I've been using this for about a month, and the staying power is actually pretty good compared to my Revlon powder blush. I would suggest you to apply this between foundation and face powder application for a matte result. Or apply this after foundation without face powder for glowy result.
The formula is like this:
  • Foundation/BB Cream - blusher - face powder => matte result
  • Foundation/BB cream - blusher => glowy result
Okay, move on to verdicts:
  • Super tiny content (only 6 gr)
  • So the price of IDR 50K is a bit pricey for me
  • No weird smell. Instead, it has no smell at all
  • Solid cream formula
  • Matte result
  • Reddish/orangey shade
  • Medium staying power
That's all for now. Anyone tried this cream blusher before? Please tell me what you think. Until then! ^_____^


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