Monday, March 24, 2014

Tutorial: How I Draw My Eyebrows

In most occassions, I llllove drawing eyes. This is how I do my eye sketch:

Dreamy, kinda? Heheh. Almond structured eye with curly long lashes and big eyeball, and especially: a perfectly arched eyebrow.

Most people say, you tend to imagine things you don't have. It's pretty much true. Because this is what my eyebrow actually look like:

Not a very flattering sight, huh? LOL. Except for the circle lens, everything you are witnessing now is a reality. You must thank me for trimming them, though. Because I was actually born with very thick and flat eyebrows, and... They were connected to each other. Aaargh...

So far, this is probably what you have in mind: 

Okay, okay, enough with the creepiness. Let me show you how I do my tricks to camouflage them.

Here are the tools I use:
  • Etude House eyebrow drawer (light brown)
  • Inez loose eye shadow (aztec gold). Review here.
  • Viva eyebrow pencil (brown)

First, draw your eyebrow with eyebrow drawer on your whole eyebrow area. What I like about an eyebrow drawer is that it combs your eyebrow as well as coloring them.


Define the area you just draw with gold eyeshadow.


Draw the dotted line area with eyebrow pencil to make it more defined and looked more natural.

Final result.



See the difference? At least now my reality is not too much far from my expectation, right? LOL.

Oh, here are a few tips from me:
  • The tools I use here comes in light shades, the result is somekind of light brown or strawberry blonde eyebrows. So, make sure to find suitable shades for your skin tone.
  • For darker complexion, you can use dark brown eyeshadow instead a gold one. Brown mascara is a great substitute if you do not have an eyebrow drawer.
  • Using powder eyeshadow is a bit tricky since the powder might fall on your eyelids. Use pressed ones instead. I use this shadow powder because the shade is similar to the etude eyebrow drawer. Once I found a pressed eyeshadow with similar color, I'd definitely move on.

Actually this is the photo I submitted for IBB MUC March 2014, but the eyebrow shade I present here is pretty much like that. Link here.

Well, there are so many ways to draw your eyebrows. This is how I do it. How do you do it?

Banyak jalan menuju roma. Kalau kamu mau ke roma, jalan mana yg kamu pilih? 
Mulai ngaco.

See you!


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