Friday, March 21, 2014

Tutorial: Simple Red & Black Eye Makeup

Red and black are aaalways good together. Let's see how they'd look on your eyes.

Please enjoy the tutorial!

First of all, start with clean eyes. Define your eyebrow and apply eyeshadow base. Then you can move on to these:

1. Apply black eyeshadow on all over upper eyelids.
2. Apply red color on your crease and V line. Blend.
3. Line your eyes with black eyeliner.
4. Put a little silver shade near your tear duct.
5. Line your lower waterline with white pencil and apply mascara.
6. Apply black eyeshadow on your lower lashbed then smudge.

All done, you crazy people!

Final result:

Full face view? Nah.. I don't think so. I was kinda lazy putting on my hijab.

Instead, I'll just give you this.

Haha! Good luck, girls... And boys!

Comments or suggestions are always welcum ^_^

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