Sunday, April 20, 2014

My April 2014 Haul

There'll never be enough money
yet time
to feed your greeds

For me, my favorite days to spend my pocket money is always on the third week of every month, because probably that's the week of nobody's payday. Restaurants, cashiers, supermarkets, traffic, shopping malls, are all (almost) empty. It's like having a shopping venue for your own, no bumping, no traffic jam, no queueing line. The only bad thing is that you often have to see the unfriendly faces of those cash register officers, or makeup booth assistants, because well... it's not payday yet! LOL!

I never posted a haul before, so this is my first time. And these are the items I bought. Maybe if my husband wasn't pretty fussy about my shopping habit, I could have bought more. But trust me, these items are the things I need (I think), some of them are part my makeup routines, some are the things I haven't had any before.

Kojie San Dream White Anti Aging Soap

I grabbed this in a local drugstore because I was infatuated by one of an Indonesian beauty blogger who blogged about this soap (forgot who -_-). The word anti-aging always attract me. This is the small box. I'm using this, and after I spent the whole bar, I will try making a review.

Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap

I grabbed this because it's lined just beside the anti-aging soap. Curiousity, as usual.

Revlon & Maybelline Clear Lipgloss

Of all my lipgloss collection, I just realized that I don't have a clear one. I like Maybelline color better because it's so clear, but the formula often makes my lips dry, so I bought Revlon, just in case. I actually want to use these for my next lip art, just wait and see.

Revlon Colorstay Lipliner in Red

I always, always, wanted a flaming red eyeshadow like the ones Sugarpill and Lime Crime has, but those are too expensive for me. I tried many brands before but nothing could beat the shade, and using a red lipstick is just too messy, so why don't I just try using a lipliner instead?

Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer

I don't have a face primer. I think I need one.

Loreal makeup remover

The best makeup remover I ever tried.

Garnier BB Cream

It's out of curiousity. It's cheap anyway, just a sample size.

Revlon Nail Polish in Gold

This is actually a gift for buying a certain amount of Revlon products in the counter. Since I only have three bottles of black nail polish, I picked this as the gift! Hahahaha.

Silky Girl Pop Soda Lip Jelly

Mindy Pauline used to blogged about this sweet thing but finding this is pretty hard, so once I see it in the drugsture, I just grabbed it right away.


Yeah, that's all of my haul of this month.
Actually there are some more buahahahah, but I forgot where to put them. 
I think I'll find them. 
Yeah, I have to find them now.

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