Thursday, April 17, 2014

Review: Sleek Makeup iDivine Acid Palette (570)

I'm so glad to finally have this palette in my drawer.
Well, I won't write much about this. Let's take a short review then.
The carton box, looks like a painter palette
The ingredients:

There are some items coming from this series, I chose Acid 570, containing many neon colors.

The palette container was made from a black matte plastic, along with a double sided eyeshadow sponge and a wide mirror as well. Too bad I forgot to capture the mirror.
All of the shades are matte, except for the two metallic blue shades. For a 12-shade palette, the packaging is pretty travel friendly, except for the not-so-useful sponge (12 shades and a brush? Come on...), the wide mirror just compliments them all. I think this is a great one for those who want to get neon shades all in one package. If only they come with a pigmented hot red shade, then this palette sure is perfect.
Here are the swatches in sequence. Please note that I didn't use any eye primer.

  1. Fuschia. Medium pigmentation.
  2. White. Low pigmentation. I mean, what white? LOL.
  3. Yellow. Medium pigmentation. The texture is powdery. Some powder may clot/lump when you dab it. So make sure you blend it well.
  4. Orange. Medium pigmentation. Just like yellow, it clots.
  5. Denim blue. High pigmentation. The texture is metallic and you don't need much product to get a thick result.
  6. Light blue. High pigmentation. Metallic. A little goes a long the way.
  7. Purple. Low pigmentation. Dig more to get a better result. LOL.
  8. Green. Medium pigmentation.
  9. Shocking Pink. Medium pigmentation. See yellow/orange.
  10. Neon green. Medium pigmentation. See yellow/orange.
  11. Grey. High pigmentation.
  12. Black. High pigmentation.
Turns out only four colors are really pigmented: gray, black, denim blue, and light blue. I felt a bit dissapointed at first, but when I used eye primer and dig more with my brush, I did got the pigmented result. Well, using primer is really a great trick.
Except for the lips, here's an example of my FOTD using yellow, orange, and shocking pink of this palette. You can check it out here.
Where to buy:
IDR 170K (USD 17)
Have you tried this palette before and have your own judgement, or are considering of purchasing?

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