Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tutorial: Ombre Lips

I've heard about this Ombre Lips style these days here and there. Just what exactly an Ombre Lips anyway? Well, Ombré is French for a gradual colour change from light to dark or vice versa, almost like a dip-dye effect. Or, you may call it a gradient style.

The creations themselves are vary. I would like to show you two of them. But before we begin, you have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Moisturize your lips.
  2. Whiten your lips. Here I use a BB cream (or you may use foundation or lip primer), but since it won't give you a white effect, I pat them again with an eye primer. Here I use a matte white NYX eye primer because the texture is creamy. Use a sponge instead of your fingers for smooth result.
Then let's start!

Rainbow Ombre Lips

I wanted to submit this for the previous April 2014 IBB Makeup Challenge but I didn't have much time, so I just show this here. You have to provide a varios color of eyeshadow to begin with and just play with the palette!

  1. Base your lips.
  2. Apply shocking pink eyeshadow.
  3. Blend with a bright orange.
  4. Blend again a sunshine yellow.
  5. Last, put a little bright green there.
  6. Cover it with clear lipgloss and pout to blend the color!
And, you're done!

The complete look:

NYX Eye Primer
Coastal Scents 120 Eyeshadow Pallette
Maybelline Clear Gloss


Pink & White Ombre Lips

This one's just as simple as the above style.

  1. Base your lips.
  2. Frame your lips with mauve or dark pink lipstick/lipliner.
  3. Fill the center part with white creamy shadow.
  4. Blend by pouting your lips. This is the hardest part, somehow the white color became more dominant.
  5. Apply clear lip gloss.
  6. Carefully, dab glitter dust on them and you're done! Too bad my camera can't capture the glitter, but trust me, it was very sparkly. LOL
Tips: you can do the step 2 and 3 the other way around, whichever you think easier.

Complete look:

Since you can't see the sparkle effect, I just add my own with my camera app. :)

WetnWild Lipstick (Mauve Outta Here)
NYX Jumbo Pencil (Milk)
Maybelline Clear Gloss
Beautystyle glitter dust (pink)


So those are ombre lips in my version. Yeah, I know they're not very wearable for everyday look, but you can adjust the color to your likings.
Maybe I will create some more ombre lips tutorial in the future.

Until then!

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