Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tutorial: Purple Power!

I've been keeping this tutorial for about a month in my draft, first meant to be my submission for Indonesian Beauty Blogger Makeup Challenge for Fairy Look, but I canceled it. Why? I'll let you know later.

Okay, let's start with clean eyes, defined eyebrows, and primed eyes.
If you've done all of it, now you can start.

  1. Apply blue color on half of your upper eyelids.
  2. Fill the rest with purple shade, then blend. Or you can do the other way around.
  3. Cut your crease and outter V line with black shade, then blend.
  4. Fill the half of your lower lash line with purple, and the rest of it with silver eyeshadow. Don't forget to color your tear duct as well.
  5. Apply eyeliner using the style I did in the picture. Separate the end line. Line your waterline with black liner as well. (Or you can choose any preferable eyeliner style).
  6. Apply mascara and you are done. You can apply false eyelashes, but I was a bit lazy that time. XD

Final result:

Full face view:

See? This is why I didn't submit this. I don't look like a fairy at all. More like a witch. A lizard witch. LOL.
Eye makeup ingredients:
  • NYX eyeshadow primer
  • LA Colors eyeshadow
  • Artistry pencil liner in black
  • Viva eyebrow pencil in brown
  • Clinique mascara in black

  • Viva Body Painting in purple
Hope you enjoy the tutorial. See you!

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