Friday, May 9, 2014

IBB Makeup Challenge May 2014 with Japan Softlens


This May of 2014, Indonesian Beauty Blogger community sponsored by Japan Softlens present a makeup challenge with the theme Fun Makeup All About Japan.

Honestly, this is one of hardest challenge for me, because there are tons of makeup ideas inspired by Japan. I just couldn't decide one or two or three, and it frustrated me, even now. So reluctantly, I'm gonna show my paintings on my face canvas.

There are three looks I created: Anime Girl, The Blue Geisha, and Old Skool Gyaru.

Oh, first of all, this post basically is all about picture spamming. I am not able to provide you the pictorial since I was totally clueless what to create that day.

So, prepare your heart and stomach as well.


The key for this look is to be cute with  inhuman eyes. 

How to:
  1. Base your face with foundation one tone lighter than your natural skin tone and contour your nose.
  2. Disguise your eyebrows by applying foundation and white powder several times until you get the result you wanted (which I failed at).
  3. Using an angled brush and shocking pink eyeshadow, draw thin eyebrows a bit downward to create puppy eyes effect. Top it with with fuschia lipstick.
  4. Apply baby blue eyeshadow on your lids, and cut your crease with black eyeshadow. Blend them.
  5. Apply shocking pink eyeshadow on your outter eye area, near your cheek bone
  6. Using gel eyeliner, draw eyeline like I did in the picture.
  7. Apply fake eyelashes.
  8. Set your lips with shocking pink lipstick.
  9. Pose as cute as possible!

Anime Girl is supposed to be cute right? Sooo, I tried to look as cute as possible. Do I look like Michelle Phan? LOL.

This is another example of a failed attempt. Can you spot the difference with the first two pictures?


I removed all the red color and big black hairdo in conservative Geisha looks and replace them with blue Hijab and blue eyeshadow. But, still, that white painted face, is there.

  1. Base your face with BB Cream/Foundation.
  2. Apply white base foundation again and set it with white powder. Or white flour. Do this several times until you achieve an even result. Don't forget to disguise your eyebrows and lips as well.
  3. Using black eyeshadow and an angled brush, draw flat thin eyebrows.
  4. Apply navy blue eyeshadow on your outter eye using your fingers. You don't have to be so neat.
  5. Frame your eyes with black liner in Ulzzang style.
  6. Using black eyeliner, draw a small lip, and set it with blue lipstick or blue eyeshadow. Pout by placing a tissue between your lips.
  7. Pose! In a freak kinda way...
I accidently invented this Hijab style when I was at the highest stage of frustration to create a Geisha hairdo :) And no, I'm not going to be like this when picking up my kid from school.

Daster keliataaaan...!


If you notice, this picture is actually my late post--and also my GFC profile picture--from the very first time I started this blog. Still lacked here and there (I am still now, though), and the poor pixel resolution because I took it with this iPad camera, you know how bad Apple camera, right?

You can check out the tutorial here. Please note that I aimed to create an Old School Gyaru look, not the Neo Gyaru. So perhaps you might think I did too much with the eyes.

That's all for now!

See you on the next challenges!

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