Friday, May 23, 2014

My May 2014 Haul

This month's gluttony is a bit overflowing, I must say. But, to be honest, I mugged my closest persons in my life to purchase some of them FOR ME because this month's supposed to be my birth month, turning 33 years old. Gah!

Here they are.

Marcks' Face Powder in White
It's a local pharmacy face powder, one of the oldest and legendary product claimed to be one of the safest products by many dermatologists. The shade is White. I used this for my last May 2014 IBB MUC to create a white Geisha face. Not for everyday use since powder always make me sneeze.

NYX Creme Blusher in Tea Rose.

Snazaroo Face Painting in Sparkle Green.
Mugged my husband when we went to Gramedia bookstore. I mixed this with liquid foundation to create a witch face a few days ago, which I failed! 

MIZZU eyeliner pen in Brown.
 I love this local felt-tip eyeliner. I had one in black, guess I'll try the brown as well.

La Tulipe Cover Foundation for Oily Skin (I forgot the shade...)
I only have one face foundation: Maybelline, with a shade too dark and too oily for my face. All base makeup I had were BB Creams and CC Creams. I do need a face foundation. This one's La Tulipe, a local brand. Many B-Bloggers reviewed this cheap product as one of the best. Let's prove it.

Koji Eyelashes Glue in Clear.
This clear glue is to replace my old Elise glue which already dried. I must say, this is the best eyelashes glue ever. Cheaper than Elise, but with far better quality. Smells good too. Love the smell of alcohol, it's sooo refreshing.

Coastal Scents Contour brush
Tammia Crease Brush
Tammia Foundation Brush
I have quite a lot of cosmetic brush in my drawer, but they are all abal-abal you know. Felt hurt when the brush touched my face. Tammia is my favorite brush since a very long time ago, good quality with reasonable price. I bought that Coastal Scents before I remembered about Tammia, if only I did, I wouldn't bought that.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Clear
I had ones back in Senior High School (not Maybelline) to brush my eyebrows. I'm so glad to finally have a clear mascara again. Thanks, Mom!

Sariayu Lipstick in B-04
Nude shade.

Sariayu Lipstick in B-01
The shade is coral, perhaps, a bit orangey tone.

Kryolan TV Paint Stick in White
Mugged my mom to purchase this for me. The shade is white. Yes, clown white. I'm still learning to do my makeup. One big task for me is to hide my eyebrows. I still failed so many times on this. Maybe this will help. I hope...

Sari Ayu Moisturizer in Putih Langsat
These are the gifts for purchasing a certain amount of Sari Ayu products, maybe. Though I'm not quite sure about something, are these for face or body?

Bulu mata palsu lusinan tanpa merk.
And finally, some random undbranded fake eyelashes. Natural and Thick ones. Kinda regret buying these. Already used 2 pairs of that Thick series, and they were pretty heavy and hard, that it was kinda hard for me to open my eyelids. LOL. You can check out my May 2014 EOTD, and most of them were my eyes with small shape. That's because I hardly lift my eyelids. >_<

Those are some of my haul for this month. I don't mean to brag about what I had, or the things I was capable of, though. It's merely sharing and giving you ideas about beauty products to buy this month.

Insha Allah.

My 'work station'. No, I don't have a beauty desk...

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