Thursday, May 22, 2014

Purple Ombre Lips Part 2

I did create a purple ombre lips some time ago but some people said it wasn't such a wearable look. Now I'll try to blend that dark purple color with shocking pink to get a more... Well, normal look.

And this is the result. Ignore the necklace. My hormonal effect made me a bit sultry  lunatic that day.

How to:
  1. This is my real lip line. Moisturize them.
  2. Frame your lips with black liner, you can exagerate your actual lip line. Ombre style looks better in plumpy big lips.
  3. Apply dark purple lipstick on your outter lips area.
  4. Fill the inner lips with shocking pink lipstick.
  5. Pout several times to blend the color. 
  6. Retouch all the colors using lip brush to achieve a gradient effect. And you are done!

Final look:

And a little more joke with my 24K diamond ring. 
Actually, no... It was fake.

The tools I abuse obsessively:
  • Artistry automatic eyeliner pencil (Black)
  • Etude House Blooming Lips Talk (PK 013)
  • WetnWild Mega Last Lipstick (Vamp It Up)

And yeah... In the end, I had to remove all the lipstick stains on those accessories above... Turned out it wasn't such a glamorous idea.

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