Monday, May 12, 2014

Review: Silky Girl Pop Soda Lip Jelly (Strawberry Pop/03)

This is actually part of my last April Haul. I've been waiting for the right time to use this lip balm since I don't wanna open the plastic and hurt the cute bullet. But, WTH.

The tube is actually upside down in this picture since I wanna show you the strawberry sticker. This is what this product will look like in the counters. The sticker shape depends on the fruit fragrance of each variant. But I forgot how many of them.

Mine is strawberry. I wish there was a banana fragrance.

When you removed all the plastic and that strawberry sticker, this is the real packaging of this product. Some of you might find it not very endearing, but I think the silver tube and that clear plastic cap is very futuristic looking and I love it. And because of my sloppy hand, the ingredients printed on the plastic was ripped apart. It was my hand's fault, not mine.

The transparent bullet. It really looks tempting and smells like strawberry. But it's actually bitter when I tasted my lips, curious as usual. The fragrance somehow reminds me of that strawberry flavored Fox's hard candy.

It's kinda hard taking pictures of the bullet in detail. Here are the best I could do. With and without camera flash. OMG, can I chop it with my teeth?

The result on my lips. 

According the directions of use in the sticker, you gotta wait until 30 seconds after 2 layer applications before your lips changed color, but this is the best result I achieved. It was so sheer that they looked slightly no difference at all. Even my Lip Ice Sheer color produce deeper color than this.

Its moisturizer effect is quite okay at its first hour only. After that, the formula felt a bit 'tacky' and dried my lips, so I had to reapply it. I think until now, no other lip balm can beat my Vaseline Petroleum Jelly--which is not travel friendly thanks to its bulky packaging. Maybe I will still bring this when I go out.

  • Sleek tube
  • Cute transparent bullet
  • Nice strawberry smell, for this variant.
  • Not very moisturizing
  • Very sheer color, almost like no color at all
  • For a Silky Girl product, it's quite expensive
  • How much: around IDR 60K (USD 6)
  • Where: drugstores. Although this one's kinda rare, so happy hunting! ^_^

Will I buy it again? 
No. I think its cuteness and the nice fragrance are the only benefits I could get. There are many better qualified products with lower price :(

Note: Verdicts are based on my own experience. Results may vary.

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