Saturday, May 17, 2014

Tutorial: Nude Ombre Lips

Looking back the tutorials I've made recently were all about neon colors or dark shade. I think I'm gonna do something about nude colors. Let's start with my lips first. Then maybe, if I had the time, and the mood, I will try making a nude eye makeup (because I'm soooo into bright colors!).

This is what we're talking about.

Although it's nude, it's pretty sultry when you wear this style on your everyday activities. Kinda adult look. Okay, let's play with your lips!

How to:
  1. Moisturize your lips.
  2. Outline your lips using brown pencil. You can use eyeliner if you don't have a lipliner. Exagerate the line a bit more to create big lips illussion.
  3. Fill your lips with nude brown lipstick.
  4. Apply white creamy eyeshadow on your inner lips.
  5. Pout several times to blend the color.
  6. Retouch all the colors using lip brush and pout more to achieve a gradient shade. And you are done!

Spamming time!

Abused tools:
  • Silky Girl eyeliner (brown)
  • Revlon Plump Sexxxxy Lipstick (Sensual/003)
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil (Milk)

Is the look nude enough?

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