Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Haul of July 2014

Haul again!

Since I was a bit out of control spending my money last month, I tried to hold myself back this month. There are even some free and preloved items of this month's haul. Btw, I also mention the prices of these items, just in case you're wondering, but only in approximate amount since I don't really remember each of them exactly.


Revlon Colorstay Creme Gel Liner (Brown)
IDR 90K (approximately)
This is not supposed to be in my haul list. I meant to buy other brand of gel liner, which is in this case, Silky Girl. But the brown shades weren't available everywhere, so I bought this instead.

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick (Mauve)
IDR 75K (approximately)
This one is a free item for purchasing certain amount of Revlon products in Watsons drugstore. I haven't even tried this one yet. Not sure if I should use this or just pass this to someone else. Lipstikku udah banyaaaak bo, mabok lipstik nih >_<

Revlon Wet Dry Shadow Duos (Fleshtone)
IDR 47K (approximately)
Been stuffing my beauty box with crazy color eyeshadow pallets. Rainbows, acids, fun colors, they're like the dominatrix vixens in my box. So I think I'll keep my eyes toned down a bit with this one tiny earthly color. And judging from the name, you can actually wear this in dry for natural result, or wet for a more intense look. Should I review this?

Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow (Love+)
This one is a preloved item from Shigureniji. I saw this brand new babe in NYX Olshop for IDR 155K. The color is an intense red. Yes, red eyeshadow! And to tell you the truth, my heart beat crazily when the item arrived since I've been wanting so long to have this but didn't have the courage to spend so much money on one single-colored eyeshadow. And... and... and.... I love this. How can I express my excitement over this? Aku inget banget pernah ngerasain begini, waktu dulu beli komik Lovely Mari-Chan hasil nabung uang ongkos becak selama seminggu. Deg-degan, tangan dingin, nggak inget laper, lebay deh pokoknya. Hahahah!

Viva Perfect Shape Liquid Eye Liner (Black)
Bought this because my Maybelline Hypergloss eyeliner was starting to get dry. I wanted to repurchase it at first, but I was curious of how this local eyeliner would perform. Btw, kamu liat ga ada tulisan Made in Germany di situ? Maksudnya ini barang impor gituh? Jadi makin penasaran. Ada yang udah pernah nyoba ga?

Viva Perfect Shape Pencil Matic Eyeliner (Black)
It's not like I'm run out of black pencil liner already. I still got two unused Artistry eyeliners, thanks Mom for supplying me with those dazzling pencils two years ago, but they're gonna expire in two months, and I don't wanna take risk hurting my eyes, it's not like I'm being such an ungrateful child, but I just love my eyes more than those expensive eyeliners. And since I'm too ashame to ask for more from you, I decided to buy our local product instead. Hopefully, they're not such a bad substitute.

BH Cosmetics Eyes On The '80's Eyeshadow 
IDR 250K
This will be my substitute for my expired Coastal Scents 120 Eyeshadow Pallet. Kinda sad since I haven't abused it too much. I bought that CS pallet when I was 4 months pregnant, and my son is turning four this year. So, I think they're already expired, although it seems pretty okay. No weird smell, no change of texture whatsoever, but I really don't wanna risk my eyes. I chose this pallet because they're much more compact in shape but has some pretty crazy colors as well.

Sariayu Lip Eye Kit Rimba Sumatra
IDR 100K or 150K, I truly forgot...
I found this in a Sariayu event a few weeks ago. I bought this because it contains eyeshadow and lip pallet in one simple combo, and I've been keeping an eye for this product for long. So, when this appeared in front of my eyes, I couldn't think twice. Oh, btw, another reason is because my CS pallets has expired already, again. LOLs.

Sariayu Duo Lip Function (Bena/B-01)
IDR 60K (approximately)
This one is a free item for purchasing the Lip Eye Kit above. Lipstick and lipgloss in a combo. The color is goddamn pretty.

Ellianto Eyeshadow
IDR 100K
This is one more preloved item bought from Irene Widya. Once I saw that red eyeshadow, I said to myself, I have to own this! The pallet is refillable, by the way. The single eyeshadow colors are available in a great variety of shades. You have to see the counter and you'll be surprised of how many the colors are. Aku pernih liat konternya di Centro Plaza Semanggi tapi di juga ada, meski warna yang dijual sedikit. Lengkapan di konter.

NYX Retractable Pencil (White)
I love this white pencil. Smooth glide and pigmented color. This is to replace my old one. 

Some unbranded falsies
IDR 24K (left, glue is equipped) and IDR 10K each (right)
Sebenernya bulmat harga segini rada mahal ya. Gapapa deh, lagi gatel aja liatnya. Nemu ini waktu iseng masuk ke toko centil Yayang atau Naughty ya... lupa nama tokonya. Toko centil bentuknya sama semua sih. Hahahaha. Btw, yang ungu itu kayaknya pernah liat di Kay Collection tapi versi Jepangnya dan harganya IDR 160K. Yang ini versi KW sepertinya. ^_^


Udah itu aja Haulnya. Masih ada sih beberapa, tapi udah terlanjur dihibahkan buat orang lain. Ngomong-ngomong, ada yang mau di ripiu ga?

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