Monday, September 15, 2014

Review: Loreal Paris White Perfect "Micro Vibration 3 in 1 EyeBrightener"

I have very dark circles under my eyes. I don't know why but this happened when I started college at the age of 18 or 19. I don't know why, well, I mean there are lots of reason, though. I stayed late quite often, and I have anemia, and I wear super thick glasses because my myopia is very high, and... What else could it be?

Oh well, whatever. So, ever since I had enough money to buy things other than my lunch and Sailormoon collectible cards (LOL), that's when I received my first paycheck, I started buying eye creams. (Yes! Eye creams, not ice creams!). I tried some brands like Oriflame, Clinique, Ovale, Garnier, The Body Shop, even the super expensive (according to me) Artistry. Result? Nah... Even just a slight progress? Nah...

Then I was desperate and stopped buying eye creams, and just covered them with bright eye concealer that sometimes make me look like a white-eyed raccoon, but then again, I thought, I'm getting older. I don't wanna look old! So, out of desperation, I found this in Carrefour while doing my grocery shopping. And, I bought this randomly, not because I had some good reviews before. (baca: nekat saking putus asa).

I was kinda attracted to the word Micro-Vibration. So I thought, it has a massager inside it. Quite interesting. By the way, parabens in the ingredients?
The product packed in a smooth denim blue plastic. It actually has two parts: the eye creams itself, and the massager.
This tiny hole is where the creams comes out.
The massager with closer look. The tip is made of metal that felt cool when it touched your eye bags. It has a switch button to turn it on. This micro massager, I think, is better than a roll-on type since it kinda hurts my eyebags.
Maybe you'll question about the battery to operate the massager. Well, good news: the battery was included. Bad news: the battery was installed. Yes! Installed inside the cap and there's no opening to it. In other words, there's no way you can use this once the battery is run out, or the cream runs out, or whichever comes first. So you cannot cheat. Damn smart manufacturer. Damn you.
This is the directions of use and the precautions. This is extremely important to achieve the maximum result. I will strongly suggest you to read the instructions carefully before using this since there are some conditions which are very harmful if you use this in the wrong way.
By the way, just don't massage your upper eyelids, please. And, don't forget to clean the massager afterwrds. I just wipe it with wet tissue and dry it with dry tissue.

The cream is odorless and very light. I only need very small amount for the whole eye area. Don't squeeze too hard, will ya? I did that the first time and wasted a large amount of product :( By the way, the cream doesn't sting my eyes.
Does this cream works for me? Well, hell yeah! I haven't even finished one tube and the area under my eye appears lighter than usual. In most of the times, I don't even have to bother applying concealer stick anymore since one layer of pressed powder is enough (I don't use BB cream or foundation often). Of course, my raccoon eyes are not completely recovered, they just appear much more lighter. Only babies who don't have dark circles.

Too bad I didn't take photos for samples since I kinda belittled this affordable product at first. But don't worry, I asked my most honest reviewer of all times: my husband, he completely agreed. LOL. I apply this after dabbing my Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence before going to sleep every night. I have to tell you that I still stay late quite often and drank cups and cups of coffee. If only I kept my healthy balanced life, I'm pretty sure this product would have more amazing effect.

  • Light creamy texture
  • Odorless
  • Does not sting your eyes
  • Nice packaging
  • Micro massager is a good invention tool (better than roll-on massager since it kinda hurts)
  • Battery is installed in the massager
  • Really brighten up my eyes, at least for me
  • Brightening effect may lessen if you don't use this regularly
  • Reasonable price: around IDR 160K (USD 16)
  • Where to get? Drugstores, supermarkets, or any official Loreal counters. (I found this in Carrefour)

Thank you for reading. Hope this is useful :) 
Until then!


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