Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Review: Biore Cleansing Oil

Okay, so this is the first time I ever try a cleansing oil. But first, what's a cleansing oil really? Basically it's just the same with other cleansing products such as milk cleanser or water cleanser. It's good when we have choices, right? Or you may say, it's just some tricky marketing strategy. LAWLS.
Let's jump to the review then!
This cleansing oil is still limited in Asian market, if I'm not mistaken. Transparent plastic pump bottle is what the packaging all about. By the way, the blushing purple you is the color of the bottle, not the consistency.
What I love from the packaging is this extra removable plastic latch to lock the bottle.

Just remove it upon using.

And it's ready to use.
However, this kind of packaging is not very travel friendly, I guess. Since the latch will get lost easily and the pump could be accidently squeezed. Although this one is more practical if you use this at home, but I prefer the classic bottle with a twisting cap better.

You can read the ingredients and directtions of use on the picture above. However, I just don't agree with point No. 1. I don't need that much product. One or two pumps would be enough if you wear a moderate amount of makeup.
My conclusion is there are two important things this product claims are:
It removes waterproof makeups, especially mascara, effectively.
It doesn't leave greasy feeling although the basic consistency is oil
The consistency is some runny transparent oil, similar to baby oil products. The fragrance is a pleasant one.

Okay, so this is just a simple demo.
The product I swatch on my hand is Make Over Pencil Eyeliner which is super strong that won't run off unless you rub it very hard several times. I will review this product soon. Okay, let's just test this cleansing oil over this product.

I just pump one drop of the liquid.
Rub it with my finger.

Then wipe it with a tissue. All gone.
I would just pump one drop on my hand and massage it to all over my face, then wipe it with cotton pad. I would repeat this step twice before I complete my face cleansing ritual with a face wash. For extra stubborn makeup, I would soak my cotton pad with this product than press that cotton over the place I want to wipe.
Although this product claimed to be safe for removing mascara, you will still find it uncomfortable when some amount of oil enters your eye. Duh?
The weird thing is, eventhough this is an oil based cleanser, the oily/greasy sensation on your face will be gone in just with splash of water. So I don't have to put extra effort to clean the oil on my face with face wash twice. This product also doesn't give me that 'hot' sensation on my face, which is one indicator that this suits my skin.
In short, this product is a good replacement for both of my makeup remover and cleansing milk. However, you have to pump out extra product for stubborn makeups such as waterproof mascara. And for extra tons of makeup (like bride or photoshoot makeup), you need to find other products than this since you'll need extra amount to wash those heavy makeup off.
  • Nice fragrance
  • Can remove waterproof makeups pretty well
  • No parabens but still contains mineral oil, so please beware
  • Doesn't do a good job for very heavy makeup since you'll need to pump a lot of product
  • Doesn't sting my face
  • Where to buy this: I found this is big drugstores only, such as Guardian and Watsons
  • How much: around IDR 90K and 100K for 150 ml


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