Monday, October 13, 2014

Review: Handmade Liquid Soaps by Moporie

Still connected to the previous Beauty Blogger Meet Up I attended a few weeks ago, now I'd like to unbox two of several items gifted by Moporie, their liquid soaps: Castile Liquid Soap and Head To Toe Best Friend Soap.



Packed in a tiny plastic bottle, this liquid soap claims to suitable for all skin type. Like the rest of Moporie products, this one is also free from SLS and Parabens. This unscented liquid soap contains olive oil and all its goodness for our skin.
75%-100% olive oil

This product is sealed tighly in a thick plastic, with a flip style cap. Very practical. Especially when your hands get all soapy and it's too slippery to grab the bottle. But if you think the flip cap is a bother, you can always twist it open and pour a larger amount of the soap.

The consistency is not runny nor thick. Since this claimed to be unscented, you won't get any fancy smell coming out of it. Just the natural aroma of some natural oil. When you see it in the bottle, the liquid looks yellowish, but when you pour it on your hand, it's almost transparent.

I didn't know why my hand got all bubbly in this picture, but believe me, when I try this for bathing, there was not much bubbles produced.


With a same looking box with Castile Liquid Soap, this tea-colored soap will be friendly not only to your body, but your hair as well. Claimed to be SLS, Paranbes, and Silicone free, this soap was enriched with pro vitamin B5, vitamin E, olive oil, avocado oil, shea butter, and some other luxury oil.

The mouth of this bottle is the same as Castile Liquid Soap with a flip cap style.

The concistency is a but more runny and the liquid color is dark yellow/brown. Just like a tea.
No fancy fragrance you can smell from this soap. The only aroma coming is the smell of natural oil from what this soap was made of. Not much bubble you can get when using this. No matter how much the product you pour.
Overall, as claimed to be all natural ingredient soap, these product will be suitable for any skin type. Free from parabens, SLS, and silicone. I don't feel worry at all bathing my toddler with these soaps although they also produce special items for babies and kids.
Although the ones I review in this post are all unscented, you can always request your own custumized fragrance and benefit. But don't expect too much since their products has very light fragrance that can only last for an hour after usage. For liquid soap, you also can order your very own special cap style, whether is flip caps like I own, or pump style.

In short, Moporie soaps is the right product for those who look for the benefit of a soap to your skin, but definitely a big no no for you who look for fancy fragrance in a soap.

You can check out other products here:

That's all my short review about these. Hope this is useful!

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