Thursday, October 30, 2014

Review: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen, Addis Ababa, and London

Got bored with so many reviews of these infamous lip colorants? Well, don't be, because I just got myself three of them!

The ones I got are in the latest version of packaging. The cap is black with soft velvety feel when you touch it. And the bottle is made of plastic.

I chose the colors that represents normal lip colors worn by most women: dark burgundy (Copenhagen), shocking pink (Addis Ababa), and nude brown (London).
I would just skip the nude pink and chili red, since I already got them from NYX SMLC in Istanbul (review) and Etude House Color Lips Fit in RD 301 (review).

The comparison between the wand and the bottle height.

The doe-foot applicator.

I feel the need to show you this picture. Unlike the ones you bought on the internet, the items sold on the official counters has importer and distributor label. But that doesn't imply the ones you bought online are fake, guys.
The texture are wet cream when freshly applied and will dry into a soft matte cream on your skin/lips. It has a nice smell like vanilla. You might find some clumps when they're still wet.
One dip goes a long the the way because the cream is very pigmented, so you don't need a lot of product to cover your whole lips.


I was a bit confused to choose between Abu Dhabi, Stockholm, and London since the shades looked a bit similar. But I chose London finally, because I thought it stands in the middle. And I was right, it's a perfect pale nude brown. Suitable for fair skin tone. The color reminds me of WetnWild Lipstick Bare It All. However, the texture is pretty clumpy for a nude shade, so you have to apply this evenly before it dries.
Addis Ababa.
I was a bit surprised by this since I thought the color would be a very hot pink like in the bottle, turned out it's more like a bright barbie pink but still can be categorized as a "safe color". I don't know why this looks very bright on some people, but not on me. And yeah, I did applied several layers. Aaand, nope, this one's definitely not fake since I purchased this on NYX official counter. But I still love this, it's a beautiful color.
Although my camera shows you some clumps, but of all these three, this one has the best texture. It goes on very smooth and silky without so much effort
A threatening dark burgundy. The kind of shade that will bring you to a fuckin' absolute victory in every argument. LOLs. Of all these, this one's I love the most in terms of color, but also the hardest to apply since it clumps when first applied. So I have to be extra careful applying it, so that it will look nice and even once dried.
I usually got that 'bleeding' effect everytime I wear a stand out color like this, so I have to apply extra lip liner in advance, but because this one is matte, you don't need to worry about that.
So I think amongst many lip colorants I have, NYX SMLC is still my favorite. Yeah the texture is not the best and a bit hard to pull off if you have dry lips, but can be settled easily if you take care of those lips. The product doesn't easily trasnfer, although if you meant to wipe, the color will surely fade away. Also, I don't suggest to wear this everyday. It really really dries me out.
  • Wet and clumps when first applied
  • Soft matte cream once it dries
  • A little goes a long the way
  • Some colors are a bit to pull off
  • Dries your lips, for sure
  • Vanilla fragrance
  • Doesn't easily transfer
  • How much: around IDR 85K on internet, or IDR 100K on official counters.
One of my FOTD using Copenhagen. Please ignore the weird looking eye makeups. I was practicing at that time. I didn't mean to look evil, but I guess that's just my natural expression.
See you!

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