Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Review: NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss (Natural/LG122)

I think I bought this months ago and I'm pretty sure this product is near its expiry date. LOLs. So let's review it before I send this babe six feet underground.
The bottle is quite simple yet sleek, with transparent bottle and black plastic cap.

A little extra point for this cute tiny bow on top of the cap.

My shade is Natural or LG122.
This product available in 39 wearable shades ranges from shiny to glittery ones.
Do you notice that the applicator is a bit more bended than regular lipgloss?
The spongy doe-foot applicator.
The shade Natural is what I'll describe as nude brown color with a hint of pink. Best for fair complexion. It's very beautiful, wearable, and since it's nude, a dark smokey eye makeup will compliment it. The consistency is very very thick, and I guess this will turn very sticky once applied to your lips.
What I hate the most from this product is the smell. From reviews I read online, most of them described it as a sweet cherry fragrance. While for me it's more like a tobacco smell. Blegh! Reminds me a lot of a cigarette box when freshly opened. You like it? Me no, no, no. Besides, how cherry and tobacco smell relate to each other is still a mistery for me.
Bare lips.

The texture itself is very creamy and the finished look is not just creamy, but very very shiny. It's also very pigmented for a lip gloss. But another thing I dislike is the stickiness. It doesn't seem to disappear even after quite some time.
Since it's a claimed to be a lip gloss, it can't cover my real natural lip color. As you can see from the picture above, it settles into my lip lines. So you can't expect a full coverage when you wear this product alone, although by doing that won't make you less pretty. What I'm trying to say is, the color will still pop out.

If you want a better coverage, you can wear lipliner in advance. Or you can also wear similar lipstick and top it with this lip gloss. Some lipsticks I know to have similar shade with this product is Wet n Wild in shade Bare It All and Silky Girl Lipstick in shade Fig.
How it looked like in natural lighting.
However this lip gloss doesn't stay too long on my lips. Well, It's lip gloss once again, what would you expect? By the fourth hour, it fade away and once it fade it'll leave some ugly clumps inside my lips. This lipgloss also doesn't moisturize my lips nor drying them.
Btw, this bad clumpy experience also happened to me with another shade of Mega Shine Lip Gloss in the shade Ice Princess (LG 162 which I burried already since it already had that funny smell). That shade comes in glittery texture.
I bought this online from a seller in and can't seem to remember the seller name nor how much this product cost me, but in it cost around USD 5.00. Maybe in Indonesia it will be around IDR 70K perhaps? I'm not so sure.
Overall, this product is not a favorit of mine since I tried so many lip poducts with better texture and comes with better price. But, sheesh.. I really love the shade. I guess it's a love-hate relationship afterall, is it?

Above picture is one of my makeup look I created some time ago using NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in shade Natural. Well, I did added a brown eyebrow pencil underneath (yes, eyebrow pencil! I haven't got myself a brown lipliner at the time) and it helped to create a more solid coverage although at the same time darkened the actual color a little bit.
Thank you for reading.
Hope this review is useful.


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