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Review: Lime Crime Velvetine Lip Stain (Pink Velvet)

I think I've spent cash too much on Lime Crime products for the past three months. Never mind. I have an addiction, so to hell with budget coz I'm super excited! #helpmeimbroke

The packaging is a frosted transparent glass with rose pattern red cap, the same goes with the box.

I think it's important to capture this unicorn emblem on the cap. Yeaay!

The shade I have is this Pink Velvet.

There are 9 shades available and they are all bold, even to the lighest shade. Certainly not meant for the bashful type of person.

What they claimed:

Ground-breaking formula that goes on liquid and dries completely matte. Touch-proof, transfer-proof, long-wearing and utterly addictive!

I find out that every single word is completely true, I'll tell you why later.

The applicator is not the very pointy doe-foot type, it's pretty bulky I suppose.

Just like many other matte lip stains, it's creamy and wet when freshly applied and will turn to a super matte result in less than a minute. The shade is a very vibrant and bright pink with cool/blue undertone. I think this suits fair skin better than the medium or darker ones. Talking about the scent, it has a really sweet vanilla cake aroma coming out of the tube that will gradually fade away.

It's pretty hard to capture the truest shade, but this one is the closest to reality.
This is a super opaque result, I bet this color won't change on you, no matter what natural lip color you have. The blackness around your lips? It can be completely covered by this product.

Btw, can you see some uneven lines on my lips? That was becoz I couldn't figure out yet how to apply this evenly. Since this was made not to budge, it turned to matte very quickly, and once it dried there'll be no turning back. If this happened, maybe a cotton swab dipped in a makeup remover will be helpful. But later on, I tried to apply this using a lip brush to create even and sharp edges and that worked really well. Thus, I can say this product is not doable for newbies.

When I try to wipe this using an eye & lip make up remover.

 It's very stubborn. You have to wipe it several times before it's gone completely. Once gone, it'll leave a nice pink stain on your lips that will stay for ages. LOLs.

A bonus picture of how it works on me. Just FYI that my skintone is NC25, or in other words, it's fair with yellow/warm undertone. 

My experience with this product is a true enjoyable one. Smudge proof, kissproof, waterproof, doesn't easily transfer, long lasting. Once applied and it will last the whole day. Doesn't clump and felt lightweight, not sticky but powdery, a bit drying like most matte lip stain products, but with some tricks here and there, this won't damage your lips. Just make sure you don't use this everyday, and don't forget lip-scrubbing twice a week or after wearing this, also apply your favorite lip balm before going to bed. 

The shade is the most wearable one of this series, but still an eye catcher in this country (read: Indonesia), so just make sure you wear this at the right moment. Because you don't want some douche bags gossiping about your bright lips while you wear this for some grocery shopping. Or maybe you just don't care?

Btw, after wearing this several times ( like, I mean... a lot!) I found that this product would oxidize overtime. Somehow after a few hours, the shade will turn to a little bit red rather than shocking pink. which I really don't mind at all. Do you experience the same thing?


My take
Pink Velvet is a bright blue based pink
Ultra matte finishing
The applicator tip is not very pointy
Very stubborn formula
Nice vanilla scent
A bit drying
In Indonesia it's available in online stores only

How much
It cost USD 20 in
I bought this for IDR 385K with IDR 50K discount at the time in

8 out of 10
I will rate this 10 if the formula isn't drying and the price is friendlier with my budget

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