Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Review: Silkygirl Hydra Clean Makeup Remover

My money ran out faster than my L'oreal make up remover stock, so... (sigh) I had to find something cheap to replace it. And yeah, I found this Silky Girl Hydra Clean Makeup Remover.

I bought this Silky Girl Hydra Clean Makeup Remover in their counter and kinda attracted to the word "for face, eyes, and lips". And I thought, now this must be a gentle one that it can be used for eye make up. The packaging itself was nothing special, just some bulky white plastic bottle and green cap. I must say the design is a bit different than most of Silky Girl products.

Silky Girl Hydra Clean Makeup Remover cost me IDR 25K for 100 ml.

Apply the lotion gently all over your face, eyes, and lips. Wipe it off with a cotton. Rinse it with water.

When first bought this Silky Girl Hydra Clean Makeup Remover, I didn't have any idea at all about its consistency. I thought it was some blue or clear liquid like most make up remover. Turned out it was some runny lotion, similar to some typical cleansing milk, only this one has runnier consistency with a very soft and refreshing aroma.

The demo pics above are used with my Nonna eyeshadow that has pretty light power and easily to be removed. Silky Girl Hydra Clean Makeup Remover is good at removing some light make up only, like base make up or blusher. But fighting this with my Bobbi Brown gel liner or LA Splash lip couture? No. I have to do more rubbing to remove them.

Silky Girl Hydra Clean Makeup Remover doesn't hurt my eyes when some of the products accidently get in my eyes, that's a good point. However, when I rubbed it onto all over my face, I felt that burn or sting sensation on my skin, a kind of a bad omen that this product won't do any good for my skin. Even though it is claimed to be a soft and gentle one for sensitive skin. So until now I only use this product to remove eye and lips make up only.

Will I ever buy this product in the near future? Errr... and make myself bear that burn sensation and cost me another skin irritation? Nope.

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