Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Review: Colourpop Lippie Stix in Tootsi

I was quite disgusted of how many bold matte lipsticks I bought lately and so decided to purchase something more toned down. If you saw my instagram account, I managed to collect about seven (or even more) nude lip colors, most of them are matte, and this Colourpop Lippie Stix is one of them.

But first of all, I'm begging you mercy if the photos shown here are a bit of an eyesore, I was a bit 'high' when going through the editting stage and ended up regretting it at the end (when I was sober, LOL), but repeating the same process is a bit of a hassle, so just bear with these please.

When the company brand this as a 'lippie stix', they meant it literally because it really is look like a small stick, or as told by The BrauHaus as a 'butthole lipstick'. LMFAO. Colourpop Lippie Stix packaging is simply a white tube with a colored bottom representing each shade. There's also a holographic label in its side.

Since the tube and the box is so slim, it's quite impossible to print all the ingredients on it, and I appreciate the company effort to enclose an extra leaflet in the box about it in several different languages. This really reminds me of those cough syrup btw.

They have purple color at each end of the box. When my package arrived I almost thought the shop had sent me the wrong shade and got me upset for a while. I don't know anymore further about this box thing, maybe the shop had mistakenly put this in the wrong box, or maybe they're originally like that.

The labeling of each shade is by sticker only, and yeah, as I mentioned, mine is Tootsi.

There's a slight aroma of vanilla that will fade gradually. The bullet is actually very tiny.

Under extra bright lighting without camera flash.

In a dark room with camera flash.

Tootsi is what I describe as a nude brown with a slight grey and pink undertone (some say it's a greige with pink undertone). I presume this is not the kind of nudes that will be friendly with medium skintone since this will wash you off (zombie lips allert!). Many compare this color with Lime Crime Cashmere but I disagree. They are slightly different because Cashmere is so grey and pale, while Tootsi on the other hand is a bit darker and more wearable. Although I have to admit they both are sisters.

The formula itself is very smooth, a little goes a long the way, and its tiny bullet is so easy to work with. It is claimed to be matte, but I must say it's not a dead matte. It's not satin either. More like soft matte, perhaps? The down sides are it easily transfers and a bit drying on me, but it does stays the whole day on my lips, with a bit of fading of course.

Colourpop Lippie Stix originally cost USD 5.00 but sold in many local online stores for about IDR 90K to 110K (may vary). It is actually expensive considering it consists of 1 gram of product only (regular lipsticks consist of 3 or 4 gram). So I dare to say Colourpop Lippie Stix has the same price as Kat Von D or Jeffree Star if they have an equal amount of product.

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