Thursday, June 11, 2015

Review: Sleek Matte Me (Birthday Suit/436)

Sleek Matte Me was originally launched about 2 years ago, if I'm not mistaken, but this became a hit just recently. 

The packaging itself is quite simple. Clear class bottle and a matte black cap, and with a big Matte Me sign on the bottle. I bought this online. When I first got this, I slightly doubted the product authenticity because the font design was a bit different from what I saw on their official web and on some beauty blogs from around the world. But I got this from a reputable online store, so I would assume this one is authentic with its latest packging design.

Color system from left to right:

Rioja Red
Birthday Suit
Brink Pink
Fandango Purple
Party Pink

The shade I own is Birthday Suit (436). And as stated on the bottle, this product can last up to 3 years upon first openning (36 months). Compared to LA Splash (only 3 months) or Lime Crime (12 months), Sleek Matte Me is more economical in terms of its life span.

The applicator is what I love. Instead of a classic doe-foot shape, it is extra long and pointy, and making the application a lot easier.

Typical matte lip cream: wet when freshly applied and turned to a dead matte result in 5 minutes.

Sooo Birthday Suit is a classic nude with pinkish/brownish tone. I think this suit all skin color. It's nude but not muted/pale. The type of color that will never go wrong.

The product dries quickly. While waiting to dry, DO NOT ever pout your lips together, or else it'll end up miserable. While waiting for it to dry, I actually felt that tacky and uncomfortable feeling on my lips, but once they all set, they won't budge. And although it feels dry, but sooo comfortable and doesn't dry my lips.

And unlike most matte lip cream I tried, the inner part of your lips won't clump even after you eat or drink. So reapplying never been sooo easy. I have no idea how this is happens. Is it because the formula, or is because the color pigment? Just FYI, I have two Lime Crime products in the shade Pink Velvet (a hot pink) which is soo much more drying than the shade Cashmere (a nude tone).

Of all the matte lip cream products, I think this one that gives me more comfort, compared to other brands. I bought this in @makeuptoolshop in their Instagram account for about IDR 120K. But the prices may vary in several online stores. And, please do not look for this brand offline, they're not available in Indonesia. Not yet.

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