Saturday, October 17, 2015

Review: Make Up Forever Artist Plexi-Gloss (200, 201, 301P)


So a couple of months ago I won a giveaway held by my friend Irene Widya collaborated with Make Up Forever Indonesia, and won these three Artist Plexi-Glosses. They were launched just recently. And oh yeah, I was feeling super excited. Three expensive Artist Plexi-Glosses. For free.

Upon collecting my prize at their counter, I was like, oh dear, they're all nudes. What am I going to do with them? I don't mean to sound ungrateful, though, but it could have been better if we can just got significantly different shades. Ya udahlah, Esy, gratisan aja belagu amat....




Artist Plexi-Gloss comes with a transparent plastic tube and black plastic cap. It has some unique SuperFlex applicator which helps me to create a clean line to draw on the edges of your lips. I think I might keep the applicator for further uses with my other liquid lip products. Also, it can hold enough amount of the product to cover your whole lips. I just need to dip once or twice.


Artist Plexi-Gloss is availabale in 35 different shades. From clear and nudes, to pinks, reds, purples, and even black. Srsly. And here I got three of their nudes: 200, 201, and 300P. I think the word P at the end of the description might explain the pearly finishing of the product.


Top: with camera flash
Bottom: Natural lighting

The consistency is quite thick and sticky, and I can feel the stickiness when applying them on my lips. There's a bit a fragrance that will fade gradually after applying, and this product also lacks any distinct flavor.

Shade 200

Shade 200 is actually a light beige color when swatched on my hand. It looks almost clear on my lips and makes my face appear pale since the color is paler than my actual lip color.

Shade 201

Shade 201 is a bit pink, but still transparent. This one is like sister to shade 200, you can judge by their names. Applied to my lips, this looks almost the same with shade 200.

Shade 301P

This is the prettiest among these three. It has a slight peach shade with shimmer. But still, this one will look nude when applied to your lips. The shimmer is appropriate to be used day or night. I usually wear this to top any matte lipstick and it really elevates my appearance to a new level.


What I don't like the most is probably its stickiness. I feel my lips are a bit 'heavier' in an instant, but it really deserves its high shine effect. Artist Plexi-Gloss can last up to 4 hours on me without drinking or eating. Remember, this is lip gloss, just don't expect too much staying power. 

I never use these products alone, so I just can't give you the review about its moisturizing effect. If I have to look all shinny on my lips, I wouldn't let them look bare. 

Artist Plexi-Gloss cost USD 19 on the US and IDR 320,000. If I'm not mistaken. Despite its sticky texture, this product really worth the price, though. Especially for those of you who gets bored already with so many matte lip stain nowadays. Me, myself, would like to try the Burgundy shade. Just make sure to use the tester first because some shades don't look very opaque when applied.

Okay, so before I end this post, here are my full face pics wearing all three. They actually look different, but not significant.


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