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Review: Maybelline The Nudes Palette

Maybelline The Nudes Palette was actually launched last year (if I'm not mistaken) and it felt like forever to wait until this finally launched in Indonesia a couple of months ago. Damn!



Maybelline The Nudes Palette comes in a black plastic packaging with a transparent lid, so you can see through all the 12 colors in it. Also included a dual ended sponge applicator. Too bad they don't include a decent mirror inside. I think instead of a transparent lid, they could have been replaced it with a mirror.


On the backside of the packaging you can see the ingredients list, which I didn't captured properly. My bad. It also configure several eyeshadow application, like a mini tutorial, from quds, trios, to duos. This is really helpful since the palettes have 12 similar tones and sometimes it just makes me confuse where to start, or what combination works best.


Like I said, it also included with a dual sponge applicator. I haven't used this sponge yet, but it seems pretty decent, judging from the its texture.


The color ranges from beiges, sands, taupes, to bronzes. Let's take a look at each color swatch from each row.

Note: I use very light hand to do the swatches using my fingertips with several swipes. I swatched it on bare hands and with an eye base. The base I use for this is Mizzu Eye Base Essentials. The review will be up soon.


Top: without eye base
Bottom: with Mizzu Eye Base

Top: without eye base
Bottom: with Mizzu Eye Base

  1. This is a light champagne color with metallic finish. The pan is quite hard and the pigmentation kinda sucks even with eye base. But the metallic finish is so pretty and makes it the best color for highlighting the brow bones or even cheek bones.
  2. A light taupe color with a soft shimmery finish. The pigmentation is ok and the eye base application doesn't make it any better.
  3. A skintone color. As you can see this color is almost invisible since it matches my wrist tone perfectly, so I think this works best as a base color to neutralize your lid after wearing a white eye primer. This is a bit chalky but the pigmentation is pretty good.
  4. Bronze. This is a very nice shimmery bronze with great pigmentation even without eye base. The pan also felt buttery.
  5.  I think this color is exactly the same as color No. 2, but this one has a softer shimmery finish.
  6. A dark taupe. Great pigmentation even without eyeshadow base. 
  7. This one is like cousins with No. 2 and 5, but it has greater amount of shimmer which makes it look a little bit bronze. This one has a good pigmentation and buttery.
  8. A perfect dark brown shade with cool undertone. It has soft shimmery finish. Buttery texture. Good pigmentation and even greater with eyeshadow base. This color is the gem!
  9. This is gold tone with metallic finish. The pigmentation is ok and it has a hard texture. 
  10. Dark brown with warm undertone and shimmery finish. Great pigmentation without eyebase and even greater with it. T must say this color is the most pigmented one in this palette. Truly a gem!
  11. Champagne color with shimmery finish. The pigmentation is just ok and very powdery.
  12. Supposed to be black but this actually looks like a very dark grey. Poor pigmentation although an eye base might help a little, very chalky, a bit streaky and hard to blend. The most disappointing shade.


None of the colors in Maybelline The Nudes Palette has a matte finish. They're all either metallic, shimmery, or satin. Although some shades tend to look matte because the shimmer is very soft. Only several shades deliver great pigmentation (No. 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9) and the rest are either okay or even chalky. I don't say that the colors with lesser pigmentation is not great either, they might work for those of you who wants subtle eye makeup for daily basis, instead of looking all bold.

Applying an eyeshadow primer/base is highly recommended as some shades are hard to blend and tend to wash out when I try to blend them. If primer is not enough, I would suggest to dip your brushes into a water or mixing liquid beforehand. The combination of wet brushes and eye primer is amazing, especially for chalky colors like No. 11 and 12.

So, overall, I can say I like this palette but can't love it since the quality is just so-so. But this is a drugstore brand and comparing this to UD palettes is just not fair. I must say this is a good palette for daily usage and for those of you who still learning to do your makeup on your own.

I forgot how much exactly this is, but I think I bought this for IDR 120K on Maybelline counter. 

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