Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Review: LA Splash Lip Couture in OG Ghoulish


This is the third LA Splash liquid lipstick that I have. To be honest, since these products are relatively inexpensive, all three shades I own are not very wearable for daily use, simply because I think I can do experiment with weird shades. 


They are originally double packaged in two ways: with clear mica box and with plastic wrapping. Apparently the one I got is with mica box. The packaging is a clear tube with gold detailing and gold cap. (And it matches my steampunk necklace perfectly! Kyaaaa!)


The shade I own is OG Ghoulish. Just an important notice that this one is different from Goulish which was launched earlier.




Can you see a super tiny black tube picture at the bottom left corner with a 3M code on it? That indicates the life span of this product that can only last up to 3 months after you open it. This is called PAO (Period After Opening) which can be found on many consumer products, usually beauty and skin care ones. And for the record, PAO is not the same with expiry date.

 That's why I didn't intend to buy so many colors from them. THREE MONTHS for 0.13 oz nett? How can I spend all of them in three months...


The applicator is a straight and long shaped one rather than a regular doe foot. I don't really fond of this kinda shape, it's too big. Or maybe I'm just not used to it. Yet.


Left: Natural lighting
Right: With camera flash

The formula is a perfect combination between liquid and creamy. Not too thick nor too thin. The smell is unbelievably disturbing, like the strong smell of wall paint. LA Splash has the worst smell compared to several similar products I've tried so far. Although it'll fade eventually.


OG Goulish is a super pale grey-beige color, or many beauty bloggers call it: a greige shade. For the longest time, Lime Crime Cashmere is the palest shade I own, but OG Ghoulish beats it. Some even said this is a dupe for Cashmere. Nope, not at all.

The opacity is amazing, I don't need a second dip to fill my whole lips. It takes a while before it dries completely and you'll feel is some uncomfortable tacky feeling on your lips. But once it dries, it won't budge.

They also last all day. Kissproof, smudgeproof, waterproof. Taking this off is easy. I just put a cotton dipped in ordinary makeup remover, press it for several secs, and wipe it with all you might. After that, scrub your lips and moisturize. This product won't leave any stain at all afterwards.


This picture is just me playing with dark foundation, imagining if my skin was this dark, this is how OG Goulish would look like on me.

Does it dry? Yes, forgodsake! Even for my lips that don't dry easily, they do! And they also felt dry, as if your lips are sealed with a duck tape or something. But somehow, compared to similar products, this felt less dry and more comfortable. And just like many other matte liquid lipstick, the inner part of your lips will clump  after a long day.

Although it's nude, OG Ghoulish is not a very wearable color for everyday use. You'll look pale. I wear this and lots of my friend said I look like a walking corpse, or a zombie. Zombie syariah mungkin. Only a few people compliment me. But I don't care. I wear this shade quite often, because I love it.

This is originally cost USD 14 in USA (was USD 11.98). I bought this for about IDR 150K but forgot where. But many online stores sell this product. The price may vary.

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