Thursday, April 14, 2016

Review: VDL Perfecting Last Foundation in V02

Usually I'm always fascinated about BB cream by Korean cosmetics, because as far as I know, their BB creams are one of the best. But when offered me to choose several items from their collections, I feel like I have to try on one of their foundation products, so I chose VDL. To be honest, it was the very first time I ever heard of this brand, so pickin' up this product was like a gambling. It was actually an eeny-meeny-miny-moe picking method. A sloppy person is pretty much me in general.


PACKAGING. This product comes in a frosted glass bottle and dark blue holographic carton box. What I like most about it is the pump provided. I always fancy the kind of product with squeeze tube or pump bottle since it's more hygienic. The size is just the right one but the bottle is awfully heavy and not travel friendly.





It has an 18-month period after first opening. 




The shade I chose was V02 which is the second darkest tone of all four.



THE CONSISTENCY is a good balance between gel and liquid. Not too runny nor thick. There's a refreshing fragrance emanates from the product. Not too overpowering and will fade gradually. 

THE TONE. The shade V02 has a nice beige undertone. I feel glad since I don't have to deal with annoying yellowish or pinkish undertone. Unfortunately this shade is kinda too bright for my NC25 skintone, maybe I should have chosen the shade A03 instead. But it's still acceptable since I wear hijab, so the different color between my face and my neck won't be visible. And also, applying face powder slightly darker than my skin tone will help it blend a little bit.


THE COVERAGE is amazing. Just one pump is more than enough to cover the whole face resulted in medium to high coverage. I don't even need y concealer to cover my dark circle. The finish is tend to matte, although there's a tiny hint of glow. For my normal-oily skin, I don't need to set it with face powder on daily basis, so it kinda saves time. It also blends very easily and smooth. 

LONGEVITY. This foundation stays pretty well for about 4-6 hours for outdoor activity, but since my nose is super oily, it starts to look greasy in just an hour. Also, no oxidation occurs during that time. I love how my skin doesn't react negatively towards this product. No pimple nor redness occurs.

Overall this is one of the best foundation I have ever tried in almost all of the aspects. The only thing that bug me is their color chart which is too few and too light for most Indonesian skin tone. 

VDL Perfecting Last Foundation cost for about USD 25-27 for 30 ml of product, and sold in Indonesia for about IDR 500K++.

Where to buy this:

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