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Review: Koelf Ruby Bulgarian Rose Hydrogel Eye Patch


This Koelf Ruby Bulgarian Rose Hydrogel Eye Patch is one of several items I got from my previous Althea Birthday Haul on May. Usually, I would apply some eye cream or eye serum onto my dark under-eye area, so using eye patches is definitely something new for me.


This product comes in a big round pink plastic jar with flower design on the lid. The jar itself looks even more beautiful in real life. The box also has similar design with the jar, only the color is more like light peach. When it's new, you can find an additional layer of cover underneath the lid. 



As some of you may wonder, these patches are also smeared with serum. So it's like sheet mask, but for the eyes. And the sheet is replaced with hydrogel patches.

There are 60 pairs of patches inside, which fit to 30 times of use. The patches looks like something... WeIl, how should I explain it? But they look like Yin-Yang symbol. At least that was what comes in my mind in the first place. They have a hint of transparent baby pink color that matches the whole theme. And if you look at them closely, there's a shimmer of gold sparkle on them.

The serum has a very strong odor of rose which bothered me a little since I don't really like the smell of roses. 


They also equipped us with a small plastic spatula which makes the lifting of the patches a lot easier and more hygienic. This spatula is also one reason I choose to keep the box, as I don't know any other  safer and cleaner place to keep it.


An interesting fact is that, when you look closely at the ingredient list, you'll find Ruby Powder--as one of the key ingredients--is listed at the very bottom, which implies it is the least ingredient on the product. This bothered me a little. Should it be like that? But why? Fyi, the list written on the box is different from the ones I saw on the internet.

This product also have PAO (Period After Opening) of 2 months only. So yeah, I think I have to be diligently apply them almost everyday.



I use this as my PM skincare routine, after applying toner. I'll wait until the toner completely absorbed into my skin, otherwise they will easily slipped. I'll place them underneath my eye area, wait it up fro about 10 minutes, take them off, and continue the rest of my skincare routines.

There's a cooling sensation when the patches touches my skin, which is great, and that strong rose odor will gradually begin to fade.

The patches stays on place on my face quite well if you apply them correctly. They won't slip! I even use this once to bathe my toddler and change his clothes. He's a very active boy. I had to chase him several times just to do simple things like that and the patches won't even move an inch!

How you want to use this is not explained. Most people I see on the internet will use this with the small tip facing the inner corner of their eyes. Just like the picture below. But I find this method uncomfortable since the tip keeps on poking my eye. So I prefer to do it the opposite way.


I have very dark circles underneath my eyes, much darker than normal person have, as a genetic factor. I also have puffy eye bags once in a while if I don't get enough sleep. From using this product diligently for about 2 months, I don't find any significant difference on my dark circles, but it does help calming the eye bags a little bit.

I'm not exactly looking for an eye product to soothe the dark circles, I just need something to reduce the dryness and puffiness and this product works quite well for those purpose. Although the effect is just average, not wonderful enough to make me want to repurchase.

Koelf Ruby Bulgarian Rose Hydrogel Eye Patch was bought from althea.kr for IDR 147,000. It's quite affordable compared to similar products from other brands. In the mean time, I don't know if I want to repurchase similar products or not, since I prefer using the old fashion eye cream or eye serum. Trying eye patches is just out of curiosity.


  1. Aku sempet wishlist ini, cuma ga jadi gara2 PAO yang seuprit itu ahaha Ngga sanggup kalo kudu buru2 abisin, suka kelupaan dan males akutuuu

    1. iniaku juga saking penasarannya pengen cobain eye patch. Hehehhe. Btw, biar cepet abis bisa juga kok dipakein di garis tawa.

  2. eye patch ini beneran nggak gampang geser. enaknya pas dipakai nggak bakal ganggu aktivitas, jadi bisa sambil ngerjain yang lain :D


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