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Friday, May 16, 2014

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Morning (it is now morning, at least)!

Untuk kesekian kali nya aku dapet award lagi. Yeay, seneng deh. Berarti blog aku ada yang baca, dan ada temen-temen yang menginspirasiku di dunia yang aku cinta ini. Taelah...

Kali ini yang nominasiin aku tidak lain tidak bukan adalah Shinta from I knew her on my beginning days as a beauty blogger and knowing such a familiar and friendly girl like her did really motivate me to write more and even better. Can I nominate this back to you, Shinta?

Orright, these are the rules for this award:

  1. Link the person who moninated you.
  2. List and display the rules.
  3. Share seven facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate other blogs and let them know they have been nominated.

And now, these are the blogs I find inspiring for me:

And here are some facts about me:

  1. I was born on May 18, 1981 as the first child of two girls. My little sister is a more grown up person, though. 
  2. I'm not a very good writter nor drawer, but I do love coloring.So maybe you'll find my posts are not very endearing ones regarding their words.
  3. I used to have waist-length hair and cut it to Pixie hair in a day. When I was back to work the next day, everyone in the room was stoned and stared at me. It was quite a ruckus, and a pretty queer experience for me.
  4. I love studying English, corresponding with snail letters, collecting stamps all over the world, and collecting Mangas.
  5. In my rebellious days as a teen, I used to pierce my ears and lips, wearing all black, and listening to death metals. But I did grew up, okay :D I'm much much calmer now.
  6. I once diagnozed as kurang gizi by a doctor, because I barely ate and spent most of my pocket money collecting Marilyn Manson and Sailor Moon stuff.
  7. Adore Japanese modern sub-cultures.
That's all for now. Thanks for reading!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Sunshine Blogger Award

Setelah beberapa waktu lalu dapet nominasi untuk The Liebster Awar, kali ini aku mau post award ke dua ku yaitu Sunshine Blogger Award. Thank you so much untuk si cantik imut-imut Glory Chen yang udah nominasiin aku. It means a lot to me :)


  1. Post a picture of The Sunshine Blogger Award
  2. Post 11 random facts about you
  3. Answer 11 questions from the nominating blogger
  4. Link back to the blogger who monimated you
  5. Nomnated 11 wonderful bloggers, that you feel bring sunshine to the blogging world (be sure to notify them)
  6. Write 11 questions for your nominated bloggers

The eleven random facts about me:
  1. Night is my favorite time since everyone's asleep and I have my time alone.
  2. In love with Sweet Lolita, Pastel Goth, and Skinhead look.
  3. Phobia to pitch black darkness.
  4. Sering telmi, sering bengong juga.
  5. Coffee lover. Especially caffe latte.
  6. Apple gadgets mania, walaupun ga punya iPhone 5s. Mahal!
  7. Ga terlalu suka makan, tapi hobi ngemil.
  8. Cuma mau makan daging sapi dan ayam, itu juga jarang. I barely eat meat.
  9. Almost in the stage of a shoppaholic. Almost.
  10. Have 6 piercings on my ears, and one on my lower lips. Tapi yg di bibir udah ketutup.
  11. Musuhan sama pagi.

Dan ini pertanyaan yang ditujukan Glory ke aku:

1. Where do you get inspirations for your blog posts?
From youtube, from other bloggers, from the sky, from the grass, from the flowers, from your beauty drawers, from olshops, basically from everywhere. Makanya aku suka kalo ada makeup challenge, at least mengurangi usaha mikirin ide blog post berikutnya.

2. Tell me your skincare routine.
Scrub muka pake Inez Gel cleanser, maskeran pake masker bengkoang mustika ratu, diemin sampe kering, trus bilas pake olay cream cleanser + air selama 10 menit, abis itu di puk puk pake secret key STE.

3. What is your biggest dream this year?
I really wish I could have another child soon!

4. What is your favourite place to relax?
Di kamar sih. Atau di meja makan, because those are the places I can plug my laptop in.

5. Describe your fashion style.
Tertutup, ngga ketat, warna-warni, dan no heels. Meskipun tertutup, aku selalu usahain gak pake baju yg muslimah banget biar ga keliatan tua :)

6. Your top 3 favorite online stores.
Semuanya toko makeup....! Hahahaha

7. Beauty guru that you really want to interview.
Venus Angelic. I'm so deadly curious about her, is she a real human?

8. What to do when you feel bored or stuck?
Browsing olshop (hehehehe), denger musik, maen game, atau baca Manga.

9. Your job besides beauty blogger?
I have a job in a bank until six months ago, now, I'm merely a full time mom.

10. Your favourite snack or dessert.
Strawberry Cheese Cake slice nya Harvest. Itu strawberry-nya royal banget. 8 stroberi utuh dalam satu slice. Terus cream cheese nya ya ampun... OMG, OMG, OMG... Kalo snack aku suka makan batagor. Nyam!

11.Your favourite movies and music genres.
Favorite movies are Trainspotting, Kamikaze Girls, Coraline, Edward Scissorhand, Nightmare Before Xmas, dan Corpse Bride.
Hardcore, goth, death metal, and trip hop are the kinds of music I love the most. But, of course, aku ga anti lah sama mainstream. Asal jangan suruh aku dengar lagu Alay yah.

Sekarang ini para blogger yang aku nominasikan:

  1. Shinta from
  2. Sekaring Tyas Krisnarini from
  3. Anggie from
  4. Lintang from
  5. Putri from
  6. Imelda from
  7. Lova Adlina from
  8. Rere Dini from
  9. Titasya from
  10. Sheffyne Yuka from
  11. Vani Sagita from

Pertanyaanku buat temen-temen yang aku nominate adalah:
  1. Name your top three favorite online shop.
  2. Five makeup items you would bring travelling
  3. Why did you start blogging? And why a beauty blog?
  4. Smokey, natural, or colorful eye makeup?
  5. Define how you dress yourself!
  6. Liptint or lipstick?
  7. Flat shoes, high heels, wedges, or...
  8. What do you do to calm your mind?
  9. Long hair or short hair?
  10. Name one must have skincare item. Only one!
  11. Apa tipe orang yang kamu sebelin?
Sekian dulu dari aku, thank you yang udah spare waktunya menjawab pertanyaanku!
Sampai jumpa di post selanjutnya. Have a nice day!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Liebster Award: Part 3

I got another Liebster Award. Yeay! To be honest it's my third one. I was nominated by Sylvie Putrie. Yu can check out her blog here. Thank you so much Sylvie :)

Here are the rules when you receive this award:
  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Copy the Liebster Award logo in your blog.
  3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you.
  4. Mention 11 random things about you.
  5. Choose 5-11 bloggers to be nominated next and link them in your post, with the follower less than 200.
  6. Create 11 questions for the people you’ve tagged to answer.
  7. Show these rules in your blogs (or you can copy from here).
  8. Tell the people you have nominated! They'll never know unless you tell them.

1. When did you start your blog?
To be exact, I started blogging since 2012. It was, but there were only 3 or 4 posts I made. LOL. I just blogged about my daily life, it was like a personal diary. Then in late January 2014, I started this blog, mainly talk about beauty.

2. What's the obstacle being a good blogger?
Finding the right time to blog, since I'm alone with my 3 year-old kid, an active boy, no house keeper, well yeah, finding a good time to blog and the energy is the main obstacle for me.

3. Nude lips or Bold lips?
Nude lips works best on me. I feel like my skintone looks brighter when wearing nude lipstick.

4. What is your secret beauty? Tell me why
I use Bengkoang face mask and scrub every single day, and, no, my face doesn't get all dry because of this. Instead, it really looks brighter everyday :)

5. What makeup product you would buy under Rp. 100.000,- ?
Any kind. Except for a complete set of makeup palette, because it's gotta be fake. :)

6. What is your best part of you being a blogger? (example, good at review product or good at makeup tutorial)
I'm a newbie, I just learned to use makeup since four months ago, so making a tutorial is not really my thing. So, I think I'm pretty good at making product reviews, since I tried as detailed and honest as possible. And as for makeup tutorial, I usually go with simple look since my lack of ability. LOL.

7. Describe you in 3 words !
Laid back, quite, and introvert.

8. Are you an animal lover? What is that?
I used to be a cat lover, but since I got pregnant, I became an anti-cat. I used to have a kitten whom I love dearly, though, and died just like that because of food poisoning.

9. What is your favourite makeup product?
Tony Moly Luminous Goddess Aura BB Cream (do I mention it correctly?) and The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser.

10. What is your fashion signature style?
Sporty, oftenly. And weird, sometimes.

11. What is your aim to be a blogger?
To spend my time since I have nothing more to do, it's to keep my brain sharp. Maybe in the future, I can do something about this blog but I haven't figured it out just yet.

And as for 11 random facts about me and the ones I nominated as the next Liebster Award nominee, was posted in my previous article. You can check it out here.

Once again, thank you so much Sylvie.

See you

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Liebster Award: Part 2

Yeaaay, dapet nominasi Liebster Award lagi. Baru tau, emang boleh ya dapet lebih dari satu? Hehehehe.

Kali ini yang nominasiin aku adalah tidak lain tidak bukan temen2 cantikku Shinta LauraAmelia Pratami, MayaWidya Moonz, dan Rere Dini. Thank u so much you gals for your support ^___^

What is a Liebster Award anyway, and what are the rules? I have posted everything about this in my previous post: The Liebster Award Part 1. You can learn more about this award from there or anywhere around search engines.

Yuk mareee, kita jawab ya satu-satu pertanyaannya.

Pertanyaan dari Shinta:

Pilih jadi beauty blogger terkenal atau beauty blogger tercantik?
Beauty blogger terkenal lah pastinya. Kalo udah terkenal, gampang dapet rejeki Insha Allah, untuk mempercantik diri. Jadi dua-duanya dapet kan, tenar iya, kece juga iya. Wakakakak!

Jika kamu pengen salah satu bentuk fisik dari beauty blogger Indonesia lain, itu siapa dan apanya?
Matanya Ellen Tan sama tulang pipinya Shinta Laura.

Milih ngerjain tugas (kuliah/kantor/rumah) duluan atau ngeblog duluan?
Kalo aku sih tugas rumah dulu. Kalo nyuci gak pagi2, ntar siang cucian kaga kering! Kalo pagi ga masak, kesian anakku makan lauk kemaren ga napsu.

Apa sih kosmetik atau skin care holy grail kamu?
Olay Facial Wash (Cream Clenaser), Vaseline petroleum jelly, dan Mustika Ratu (Pembersih Sari Sekar Gambir). Yang laennya gonta ganti.

Apa yang menarik dari blog kalian sih?
Pastinya muka saya yang cakep banget ini  Sebisa mungkin setiap tutorial dan review produk aku bikin dgn foto dan penjelasan sedetil, se-simple, semenarik mungkin supaya orang tertarik bacanya. Trus kalo ada produk minimal aku udah pake sebulan lah, terus kalo tutorial aku udah latihan dulu sebelumnya. Jadi orang abis baca, dia dapet referensi berguna buat nusa, bangsa dan agama, gitu.

Jenis makeup apa sih yang paling kamu gak suka?
Maskara sama lem bulmat palsu. Secara yah, ini idung pesek gini pake kacamata, jadi jarak antara kaca ke bulu mata deket banget. Maskaranya sering nempel di kacamata bikin burem. Trus lem bulmat palsu itu sering bikin perih dan susah dibersihin!

Kalian pernah baca blog ku Shinta Laura Dhewani's Room ini gak? Kalo udah, apa yang kalian suka?
Pernah dong, sering malah. Yang paling aku suka itu tutur katanya (yaelah bahasanya) yang gak jelimet trus kocak, jadi bacanya ga bosen. XD

Artis Indonesia dengan wajah yang bikin kalian terobsesi ada gak? Siapa?
Asmirandah. Cuekin aja ya berita miringnya dia, tapi aku suka mukanya yg serba lancip. Mukaku banyak buletnya soalnya.

Skincare yang kalian percaya bikin kulit sehat tuh apa sih?
Skincare-nya produk bukan nih? Karena menurutku skincare paling ampuh itu banyak minum air putih, makan sayur en buah, sama tidur cukup (ga begadang). Kalo produk mah, itu cuma penunjang aja.

Foto tentang apa yang paling sering kalian post di Instagram?
Pictures from my beuaty blogs tentunya! XD

Kira2 apa sih yang bikin Shinta bisa nominasiin blog kalian?
Apa krn muka saya yang cakep ini? Mungkin Shinta nominate aku krn blog ku ini menarik (barangkali!) buat dia, trus rada kesian juga secara polowernya masih dikit, trus mungkin juga rada pusing nyari siapa lagi yang musti di nominate. Bahahahahaha! Ga tauuuuu....


Ini pertanyaan dari Amel:

How much you love your imperfections shapes of your face?
Kalo dibilang cinta... hmmm susah. Aku tetep pengen punya wajah yang perfect, tapi sekali lagi aku berpikir, masih untung punya organ tubuh lengkap dan nggak cacat. Kalo aku mikir kayak gini, jadi lebih 'tabah' gitu hehehe...

Do you ever tried fake or replica cosmetics? If yes, what is the side effect you feel?
Pernah aku nyoba palet eyeshadow Mac abal-abal (warnanya pigmented loh), dan syukur Alhamdulillah gak ada efek apa-apa sampe sekarang. Jangan sampe deh, amit-amit dah.

Have you tried whitening your skin with abal-abal cream or lotion?
Tidak pernah. Kulitku memang sudah terang, tapi kalopun dilahirkan dgn kulit gelap, aku gak bakalan mau pake krim pemutih. Waktu kecil aku baca di majalah Bobo kalo krim pemutih mengandung merkuri yang berbahaya. Jangankan abal-abal, kalo ada merk paten yang ada embel-embel whitening/pemutih, aku gak bakal mau beli.

What is your biggest problem of using makeup?
Gambar eyeliner pake eyeliner cair sama nempel bulu mata palsu, gimana caranya biar apik, gak bergelombang? Sekalinya bisa ya kebetulan aja, ga bisa diulang! Wakakakak!

Are you happy to be a beauty blogger?
Iya dong. Hepi banget. I wish I can make this as my future job.

Do you know how to contour or highlight your face?
Yes. Tapi hasilnya masih kacau. Masih perlu banyak latihan. Btw, do you know, jilbab itu sebenernya cara paling gampang untuk men-contour pipi chubby, dagu lipat, dan jidat jenong loh. Hehehehe

What is your goal as a beauty blogger?
Pengen blog ku ini berguna buat orang yang cari referensi, view rate-nya banyak sampe jutaan kalo bisa bahahahhaha. Aamiin. Mengkhayal banget!

Local or international product you love most?
Sebenernya ini cocok-cocokan sama kulit sih. Tapi aku mengakui lebih suka produk luar karena lebih banyak varian. Varian loh ya. Kalo kualitas sih cocok-cocokan sekali lagi.

Your everyday fragrance is...
Any perfume that has the smell of Vanilla. Sekarang sih pake Bodycology body mist yang toasted vanilla sugar (banyak di Guardian). Baunya manis kayak kue. Sampe nyetok beberapa botol.

Have you ever shopping at online shop? If yes, have you dissapointed when shopping online?
Aku lebih sering belanja olshop daripada ke counter. Kecewa, sering lah. Dari barang yang ga sesuai ama foto, barang kelewat gak kekirim, atau salah kirim barang. Tapi gak kapok sih.

You favourite Indonesian Beauty Blogger?


Pertanyaan Maya:

What is your favorite Makeup items?
My concealer. Sekarang lagi gemar memakai concelaer stick nya Inez yang Light. Ini satu-satunya concealer yg shade nya pas banget di aku, cover noda tapi ga terlalu terang. Belom nemu lagi dari merk lain.

How old were you when you first putting on some makeup on your face?
When I was about 6-7 years old, 'stealing' my mom's. XD

Who is your favorite author and favorite book?
Agatha Christie, aku suka semua bukunya yang pemerannya Hercule Poirot. My fav book would be Tirai/The Curtain, pas Poirot bunuh diri.

If you could travel anywhere in the world and money was no object, where would you go? Why?
Ini gara2 baca buku Edensor-nya Andrea Hirata, aku pengen banget ke desa Edensor di Inggris. I wanna re-arrange my dream wedding, outdoor di bawah bukit, tamunya dikit aja ga lebih dari 50 orang. Pake baju item-item, aaaahhh jadi heboh sendiri. XD

Flat shoes or high heels?
Flat shoes lah! I'm a Crocs and Converse fan. Kerja aja pake Crocs, kecuali pas meeting ama bos baru high heels dipake.

Would you rather skip breakfast or dinner?

To be honest, I never skipped any meal time. But if I could choose, I would rather skip dinner. Skipping breakfast would only make me stupid. Yup, real stupid.

If you have a super power, what kind of power would you like to have?Why?

Ga tau ini super power apa bukan, tapi aku pengen banget punya kantong ajaib Doraemon, so I can bring all the pretty boys in anime come to life. OMG....

What is your dream job? Did you do it at the present moment?
My dream job is to be an interpreter, specifically in English, tapiiiii karena ga pernah nyoba submit hasil karyaku ke penerbit, jadi hobi ini aku tuangkan di blog aku aja.

Team Jacob or Team Edward?
Jacob lah, lebih manly!!!

Who is your most favorite person in this world?
My son, my number one champion in the whole world :)

Name 3 things you cannot leave behind, if you are leave your house.
Duit, KTP, HP. (Daripada gw jawab dompet, ga berguna kalo dompet kosong sih hahaha...)


Pertanyaan Widya:

Pilih cantik atau pandai ? Alasannya ?
Pandai dong. Kita jauh lebih bisa mendapatkan lebih banyak kalo pandai, karena cantik doang seringkali malah banyak apesnya kalo ga pinter memanfaatkannya.

Rambut panjang atau pendek ? Alasannya ?
Pendek. Emak-emak nih aku ahhahaa, mau pake remabut panjang rempong bener dah!

Brand skincare favorit ?
Olay (facial wash), Secret Key (STE), dan Mustika Ratu (milk cleanser).

Kalo cuma boleh pilih 2 produk makeup buat dipake pergi, pilih apa aja ?
Kertas minyak dan lipstik.

Minta maaf atau memaafkan ? Alasannya ?
Minta maaf. Memaafkan lebih susah.

Apa hal yang paling kalian benci ?

Kalo dikasih 1 permintaan, pengen minta apa ?
Susah bener yak pertanyaannya. Aku jawab yang jangka panjang aja deh: Selamat dunia dan akhirat.

Celana atau rok ? Alasannya ?
Aku suka dua-duanya kok, asalkan panjang menutup aurat. Rok atau celana, semuanya tergantung kondisi dan acaranya.

Hadiah apa yang paling diinginkan saat ulang tahun ?
Gadget, lensa kamera baru, sama emas. Bahahahaha matre!

Brand fashion favorit ?
Sepatu termasuk fashion kan? Kalo gitu aku pilih Converse! :) Tapi sebenernya aku ga punya baju bermerk terkenal, kebanyakan beli di pasar deket rumah atau di olshop aja.

Sebutkan 3 orang yang paling kalian kasihi ?
My son, myself, and my mother. Itu sesuai urutan loh :) Jahat ya aku, lebih sayang diri sendiri dari nyokap.


Pertanyaan Rere:

Hal menarik apa yang membuat kamu jatuh cinta dengan Makeup?
Karena dengan menciptakan satu garis eyeliner aja bisa merubah ekpresi wajahmu! THat's like, magic!

Tuliskan 3 produk andalan yang kamu pake di Daily Looks kamu?
Concealer, pensil alis, dan lip balm.

Gaya Makeup apa yang membuat kamu tertarik untuk mengunjungi sebuah blog (makeup harian atau Makeup yang out of box)?
Aku sih lebih prefer yg harian biar bisa dipraktekin. Kalo liat yg makeup out of box, aku suka liatnya aja, tapi untuk mencoba mikir dua kali, susah! XD

Gambarkan diri kamu dalam 3 kata!
Penyendiri, pendiem, dan perhatian. Halah....!

Siapa Beauty guru di Youtube yang banyak menginspirasi kamu?
Gossmakeupartist (for beauty tips), Michelle Phan (for makeup inspiration), dan zWinnieyap (for anime eye makeup). Itu nama akun di youtube nya yah, kecuali Michelle Phan, aku ga tau nama asli mereka.

Apa sie yang membuat kamu tertarik untuk mengunjungi atau membaca sebuah Beauty Blogg?
Kalo makeupnya unyu, atau dia lagi review barang yang aku lagi incer.

Apa sie suka duka kamu selama jadi Bloggers?
Dukanya, tongpes, karena belanja mulu. Tapi ga jadi b-blogger juga udah tongpes krn sering belanja baju! Hahahaha. Tapi kalo sukanya, bisa melakukan apa yang kamu suka (pertama kalinya aku melakukan apa yg aku suka, selain nikah dgn cowok pilihanku), dapet ilmu soal beauty, dan pastinya dapet banyak temen baru yang isi kepalanya satu ide, satu minat! Lebih banyak sukanya deh.

Apa tanggapan kamu tentang maraknya oplas yang menjamur saat ini?
Aku cuma tahu satu hal yang pasti tentang oplas: dosa. Tapi selain itu aku ga berani komen, soalnya ga tau keadaan orang yang melakukan oplas itu gimana, apa pola pikirnya, dan latar belakangnya apa. Yang pasti, karena oplas itu mahal dan hasilnya permanen, aku yakin orang2 yang melakukannya punya alasan yang kuat.

Menurut kamu, bagian mana yang paling menonjol dan kurang dari wajahmu?
Bibirku sekseh, bahahaha! Paling sebel sama idung, pesek! Kacamata melorot mulu, wakakakak!

Apa tanggapan kamu tentang blogg ku ~QueenaLooks~ ?
Jujur yah, kalo soal makeup menurutku kamu pinter banget krn hasil look nya selalu rapi dan ga overdo. Selain itu, pertama liat PP-nya Rere di google, kayaknya Rere orangnya cewek banget, tapi kalo dari hasil FOTD-nya, Rere punya banyak 'kegilaan' terpendam. Hahahah! No offense yah, this is a compliment! ^_^

11. Seandainya suruh milih, lebih suka Makeup Challenge yang penilaianya dari Vote apa berdasarkan penjurian?
Penjurian lah, lebih adil, kalo pake Vote... ehm.... lebih subjektif kali ya. Maybe that's why di IBB MUC selalu ada dua pemenang, yang based on Vote sama penjurian.


Haiyyah, itulah sodara-sodara jawaban saya. Untuk para next nominator nya, aku udah bahas di part 1 yah. Tapi boleh dong aku mau nominate 1 orang lagi nih temen baru:

Itu aja dari aku. See you again on my next posts!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Liebster Award: Part 1

Yeay, award pertamaku ^___^ The Liebster Award.

It was such a hectic day, ngerjain kerjaan rumah. Makasih ya miss ART yang mudik di saat paling tepat, emang bisaaa banget situ ya. Lagi leha-leha di sofa sambil lurusin pinggang, sambil nge cek blog, eh dapet kabar kalo aku dinominasikan sebagai salah satu penerima Liebster Award by the gorgeous Putri Indah Marina. You can heck out her page here. We've been following each other's blog for a few weeks. Thank you Putri, you really made my day ^_^.

So what is a Liebster Award anyway?

The Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. So, what is a Liebster?  The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. Isn't that sweet? Blogging is about building a community and it's a great way to connect with other bloggers and help spread the word about newer bloggers/blogs.

Here are the rules when you receive this award:
  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Copy the Liebster Award logo in your blog.
  3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you.
  4. Mention 11 random things about you.
  5. Choose 5-11 bloggers to be nominated next and link them in your post, with the follower less than 200.
  6. Create 11 questions for the people you’ve tagged to answer.
  7. Show these rules in your blogs (or you can copy from here).
  8. Tell the people you have nominated! They'll never know unless you tell them.

So, ini pertanyaan buatku. Bahasa Indonesia aja ah... males mikir nih hihihi.

Apa yang membuat kalian ingin nge-blog?
Buat mengisi waktu luang. Iya, aku cuma ibu rumah tangga biasa, ga ada kerjaan selaen ngurus anak tersayangku ini. Plus dari jaman masih kuliah sampe kerja, sering banget beli makeup, dan suka makeup. Japi kenapa ga buat beauty blog aja.

Kosmetik kesayangan kalian apa sih?
Anything yang bisa menyamarkan kantung mataku yg super dark ini. Kalo udah pake itu di kantung mata, aku pede ga pake makeup apa2 lagi. So far merk yang aku sering aku pake itu Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse (Light) sama Inez Concealer Stick (Light)

Beauty Blogger Luar yang banyak menginspirasi kalian?
Tess Munster and Michelle Phan. Kalo MP aku suka beauty tips sama DIY-nya, kalo Tess Munster.. hmmm, coba deh buka page nya, you'll be surprise of how beautiful this person really is.

Kalau beli produk kamu suka di online shop / counter ?
Online shop. Lebih lengkap variannya. Kalo di counter aku lebih untuk nyari referensi warna aja. Hehehe licik ya.

Kalau ada kesempatan mau kolaborasi makeup sama siapa?
Aku terus terang ga nolak kok kalo diajak kolaborasi ama siapa aja, beneran deh. Asal badan ini masih sehat dan peralatannya memungkinkan, aku gak nolak deh. Hehehe

Siapa Artis Luar favorite kalian?
Johnny Depp dan Ewan McGregor. Bukan karena gantengnya loh ya XD

Apa jenis musik kesukaan kalian?
Rock dan Trip Hop. Tapi aku ga anti mainstream kok hahahaha. Aku juga suka K-pop, RnB, dll, tapi aku paliiiing suka sama dua jenis itu.

Siapa penyanyi kesukaan kalian?
Marilyn Manson, Massive Attack, Portishead (termasuk penyanyi bukan sih mereka?) dan Sarah Brightman. Banyak sebenernya, tapi yg paling sering aku dengerin ya mereka itu.

Kebanyakan tau produk-produk kecantikan dari mana?
Dari ngeblog dan join social media community. 

Lebih suka karoke/nonton film di bioskop?
Karaoke lah. Suka nyanyi walaupun ancur. Hahahaha. Kalo nonton kayaknya gimanaaa gitu, cuma duduk diem doang sambil nonton layar segede gitu, ga ngapa-ngapain. Ogah rugi, bahahahahaha! Kecuali film-nya Ewan McGregor dan Johnny Depp ya, aku pasti betah nontonnya.

Lebih suka jadi pengusaha/kerja kantoran?
Susah jawab yang ini, karena dua-duanya ada konsekuensi. Jadi pengusaha emang lebih bisa ngatur waktu, tapi kita harus terus konsisten dgn apa yg kita kerjain. Ide-ide harus terus mengalir, kalo ga,  rugi aja uang yang udah diinvestasikan, dapur juga bisa stop ngebul. Kalo jadi orang kantoran,  kita tinggal ikutin aja rule yang udah dibuat, paling banter sumbang ide dikit ke company buat process improvement. Ga enaknya, waktu tidak berpihak di kita, susah buat yang udah berkeluarga. Satu lagi, kalo orang kantoran dapet THR, kalo pengusaha ngasih THR! Hehehehe...
Aku baru ngerasain bertahun-tahun jadi orang kantoran, tau banget susah senangnya. Tapi belom pernah jadi pengusaha sendiri, jadi ga tau rasanya. Maaf yaaa.... -___-

Okay, I've chosen my next nominators for Liebster Award:

Segitu dulu, mustinya 11 ya. Ahahahaha, belom dapet lagi nih, susah banget nyari. Padahal dua lagi...kalo ada yg udah pernah di nominate, oops, sorry may bad!

Here are the questions I'd like you to answer:
  1. Alasan jadi beauty blogger?
  2. Ada ga produk makeup yang dari dulu setia kamu pakai sampai sekarang? Kalau ya, apa?
  3. Siapa artis yang jadi inspirasi kamu dalam makeup dan fashion?
  4. Blog luar negri mana yang kamu suka banget visit? (Ga harus beauty blog kok)
  5. Who's your favourite musician?
  6. Kamu lebih pede dgn makeup natural atau bold?
  7. Jabarkan tipe film yang kamu suka! Beri contoh judul! (kayak ulangan aja, hehehe)
  8. What was your childhood dream? Are you still trying to accomplish it or not?
  9. What's your guilty pleasure?
  10. What is your wishlist for makeup and skincare?
  11. Pilih kamera saku, DSLR, apa kamera gadget (hp/tablet)?
Nah itu dia pertanyaannya. Maap yah, sebagian ada yg nyontek pertanyaan orang, tapi aku emang beneran pengen tau! ^_^

11 Random Facts about me:
  1. Barely eat meat and never eat any kinds of seafood since elementary school. I'm afraid of them. And eating meat only if it's cooked as a steak.
  2. Cherish coffee a lot as a mood booster.
  3. Milk always make my stomach hurts.
  4. Before I got married, my ideal boyfriend is the one in Yaoi Mangas: super cute, stylish, rich, kind, loyal, smart, and GAY. But I have no gay friend....  Maybe that's why I barely have a boyfriend -__-
  5. Dreaming of having a LASIK surgery to get rid of eye glasses.
  6. I love drawing.
  7. Spent years studying accounting, but barely remember a thing about accounting, because that did not interest me.
  8. Spent years working in a foreign bank but speak more fluently about art, makeup and fashion.
  9. Envy Tavi Gevinson and Stella Lee a lot. Talk about living your dreams, huh?
  10. I got pregnant three times, but only one survived.
  11. I have a very wide range playlist songs in my Apple gadgets, from Trio Ambisi (horas!) to Diamanda Galas. Do you even know them, anyway?

Phew, I think this post is the longest one with words in it. Okay, that's all for now. 
Happy blogging!

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