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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Review: Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit (Ash Brown/963)

Please don't mistake this product with eyeshadow pallet. I once did. Apparently this is one of many tools to define your eyebrows. I used to acknowledge eyebrow pencil as the only tool available to do so, but nowadays there are pomades, eyebrow gels, and this one: eyebrow kit. Orright, let's move on to the review then.

This kit comes in a silver plastic box with transparent cover. It's pretty thick.

My shade is Ash Brown (No. 963). I'm not quite sure how many shades available.

If you still can find this seal on your box, it means it's brand new.

This kit is very travel friendly with all the things you need in one whole package. What you'll find is:
  1. A tweezer. Meant to help you plucking your eyebrow. Although for me, this one's too small. I prefer my old tweezer.
  2. An angled brush. Although the handle is too short, but the square shape is a plus point to avoid slippery hand. And the brush is stiff. I prefer this stiff kind of brush to draw my eyebrows. But if you don't, you know what's next, find your own favorite brush.
  3. A white wax. To make your eyebrow hair stay in place. But for me personally, this wax thing is a bit absurd since I don't find it useful at all.
  4. Two shades of brown. The main point of this product.

Close up view of the pans. I used to think that the long square there is the mirror. And I thought, how small.
Turns out it was equipped with a quite large mirror, and the width is as wide as the packaging itself. You just need to slide a small opening on the side of the packaging. That explains why the box is quite thick. Talk about hidden mirror, this reminds me of the old packaging of Revlon Colorstay blusher.

I assume these two brown shades are suitable for any kind of skin tone. You can use either one of them or mix them both. But when I swatched to my wrist the color was kinda fade out and powdery. But when I use the brush and apply it to my eyebrow, I was a bit surprised to see how pigmented they are.
An eyebrow kit review is not complete without a tutorial of how I use this. But I must tell you that you might find this a bit different from what written on the product directory. I don't use the wax because for me it's not very useful, and applying it at the last step would only make everything I set fade out.
  1. To make my eyebrows hair stay in place, I sprayed a small amount of hairspray onto a spoolie or an eyebrow brush, and brush my eyebrow with that.
  2. Draw a lower outline with the dark brown shade.
  3. Do the same thing to draw the upper outline.
  4. Fill the empty space with a lighter brown.
  5. Using whatever that's left on the brush, smudge your inner corner of the eyebrows to create a gradient effect. Or you can use eyeshadow brush, or even your pinky tip.
  6. And you are done. And please ignore my half finished eyeliner on the photos above.
You don't have to use all the colors in there. This is just one of many ways to define your eyebrows using this kit.
An example on one of my EOTDs.

I used to think that filling your eyebrows with powder is the same with using eyeshadow, but no. Because if I use eyeshadow, sometimes there will be some powders fall on my eyelids. But it didn't happen when I used this. Those colors are very pigmented and will not fall off.
Compared to my NYX Eyebrow Gel, this is seriously more practical and easier to use. But the staying power is less than NYX. I wore this in an outdoor activity for a douple of hours and took a nap afterwards, and by the end of the day, some color on the outter part of my eyebrows faded out a little bit. But, if I must compare this again with my Viva or Silky Girl eyebrow pencil, this one stays much longer.
My thought:
  • Pigmented colors
  • Medium staying power
  • Not very useful wax
  • And even a useless tweezer
  • But I love the stiff brush
  • Equipped with a quite big mirror
  • Where to buy: Online stores, Carrefour, Watsons, Metro, Sogo, Guardian.
  • How much: IDR 109K (USD 10) on its official counters, but the price may vary if you purchase this  via online. I bought this for IDR 70K from NYX Olshop in Facebook. A little note when purchasing this online, please make sure the price is not more than IDR 110K, or else it means you have been ripped off by the seller. LOLs.
  • You also can buy this online from their official Indonesian web store.
Thank you for reading!


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