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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Haul of June 2014

It's getting closer to end of June as well as the beginning of Ramadhan Kareem.

"Sebelum puasa, mohon maaf lahir batin buat teman-teman semua"

Agak kalap bulan ini, banyak haul yang dibeli pake gesek kartu huhuhuhuhu.... Mungkin karena inget kalo ntar mo lebaran kan dapet THR yah, jadi gesek aja dulu. Perkara bayar, ntar aja pas THR udah turun heheheh.

Let's take a sneak peek:


Koji Nail Enamel Remover
It cost me IDR 80K (USD 7) for this. Seems quite expensive, but take a good look at the content: it's 220 ml. You might say the price is pretty worth it, no?

Viva White Double Moist Body Creme (Cocoa & Milk)
This is to replace my old The Body Shop Vanilla Body Butter. I have a huge liking to beauty stuff with cookies aroma: Vanilla, Milk, Brown Sugar, Chocolate, etc. Since Viva doesn't have the Vanilla scent, I think a chocolate one will do. Drool...

Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Liner (Black)
Found this when I visited Kay Collection store and fascinated right away by the stuff they provide. This pen has been in my wishlist for a long time and is my most expensive makeup product, for real. It's 220K (USD 21). Never been a fan of expensive makeups, but this one is worth to try, I think...

Viva Lipsticks in 112, 43, 22, and 39.
Viva Cosmetics never named their lipsticks except for silly numbers. LOLs. 112 and 22 are such pretty everyday colors. And the rest is just for makeup experiments: gold and dark purple. These babies are cheap as nasi goreng abang-abang. So, one rule when buying this lipstick: never buy one shade only. You'll regret it.

Viva White Chic Lips (Choco Dreamer)
Didn't I told you I love cookies scents?

Etude House Color Lips-Fit in RD301 and PK003
Cute matte liquid lip coloring. Wait for the upcoming reviews, they're on my draft already!

Koji Eyelash Fix (Clear)
Another great item by Koji. I heart Koji! My old eyelashes glue has run out already and I bought exactly the same item. Bought this in Kay Collection as well.

Vitacreme B12 Skincare Travel Kit
This one is a gift for shopping certain amount in Kay Collection. Never heard of this product before, but I think I'll try this. Included: Anti-Aging Serum, Eye & Lip Balm, Day Cream SPF 30, Regenerist Cream, and Lightening Cream. Btw, that Eye & Lip Balm is pretty interesting. A product for lip and eye? You gotta be kidding me! 

Revlon Matte Balm in 205 and Revlon Colorstay Lip Pencil in Nude
The nude lip pencil has been my target, but that matte balm is just a result of an impulsive purchasing because the color is a pretty nude pink shade. Can't wait to ry it on, but there are so many lip colors with similar shades in my drawer already.... Me and my shopping hobby.

Etude House Dear Darling Neon Tint (Pink) and Dear Darling Tint (Orange)
These are the cutest things amongst the cutest things. LOLs. Nice colors, nice scents, and nice taste as well. Feels like dabbing a pint of bitter colorful liquid syrup on my lips.

Revlon Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown (02)
This is my most expensive eyebrow pencil. I used to have Silky Girl eyebrow pencil which is a GREAT product for me, but since I lost it, and could not find the replacement because many places I've searched were run out of the item, so I bought this.. terpaksa banget... Udah mahal, kotak jadul, pensilnya jadul, moga-moga aja enak dipakenya. Kata SPG-nya sih gitu.

Masami Shoukou Eyeliner Brush and Flat Brush
Forgot the numbers of these brushes but these are the most stuff I need to draw detailed result. Bought this n Kay Collection as well. Anyway, baru tau deh kalo brush Masami Shoukou itu murah ya... well ga murah banget sih, tapi harganya sama brush Tammia beda tipis.


Well, that's all my hauls. Actually, there are some more, but as usual, I forgot where I put them. Barang hilang kalo ngga dicari, biasanya suka ketemu. Somehow, tau-tau ntar muncul aja gituh.

One more thing to say:

"There will never be enough time, and money, to feed your greed"

I wrote that quote. That's my favorite one to describe a haul. Agree? 
See you and Wassalam!

Friday, May 23, 2014

My May 2014 Haul

This month's gluttony is a bit overflowing, I must say. But, to be honest, I mugged my closest persons in my life to purchase some of them FOR ME because this month's supposed to be my birth month, turning 33 years old. Gah!

Here they are.

Marcks' Face Powder in White
It's a local pharmacy face powder, one of the oldest and legendary product claimed to be one of the safest products by many dermatologists. The shade is White. I used this for my last May 2014 IBB MUC to create a white Geisha face. Not for everyday use since powder always make me sneeze.

NYX Creme Blusher in Tea Rose.

Snazaroo Face Painting in Sparkle Green.
Mugged my husband when we went to Gramedia bookstore. I mixed this with liquid foundation to create a witch face a few days ago, which I failed! 

MIZZU eyeliner pen in Brown.
 I love this local felt-tip eyeliner. I had one in black, guess I'll try the brown as well.

La Tulipe Cover Foundation for Oily Skin (I forgot the shade...)
I only have one face foundation: Maybelline, with a shade too dark and too oily for my face. All base makeup I had were BB Creams and CC Creams. I do need a face foundation. This one's La Tulipe, a local brand. Many B-Bloggers reviewed this cheap product as one of the best. Let's prove it.

Koji Eyelashes Glue in Clear.
This clear glue is to replace my old Elise glue which already dried. I must say, this is the best eyelashes glue ever. Cheaper than Elise, but with far better quality. Smells good too. Love the smell of alcohol, it's sooo refreshing.

Coastal Scents Contour brush
Tammia Crease Brush
Tammia Foundation Brush
I have quite a lot of cosmetic brush in my drawer, but they are all abal-abal you know. Felt hurt when the brush touched my face. Tammia is my favorite brush since a very long time ago, good quality with reasonable price. I bought that Coastal Scents before I remembered about Tammia, if only I did, I wouldn't bought that.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Clear
I had ones back in Senior High School (not Maybelline) to brush my eyebrows. I'm so glad to finally have a clear mascara again. Thanks, Mom!

Sariayu Lipstick in B-04
Nude shade.

Sariayu Lipstick in B-01
The shade is coral, perhaps, a bit orangey tone.

Kryolan TV Paint Stick in White
Mugged my mom to purchase this for me. The shade is white. Yes, clown white. I'm still learning to do my makeup. One big task for me is to hide my eyebrows. I still failed so many times on this. Maybe this will help. I hope...

Sari Ayu Moisturizer in Putih Langsat
These are the gifts for purchasing a certain amount of Sari Ayu products, maybe. Though I'm not quite sure about something, are these for face or body?

Bulu mata palsu lusinan tanpa merk.
And finally, some random undbranded fake eyelashes. Natural and Thick ones. Kinda regret buying these. Already used 2 pairs of that Thick series, and they were pretty heavy and hard, that it was kinda hard for me to open my eyelids. LOL. You can check out my May 2014 EOTD, and most of them were my eyes with small shape. That's because I hardly lift my eyelids. >_<

Those are some of my haul for this month. I don't mean to brag about what I had, or the things I was capable of, though. It's merely sharing and giving you ideas about beauty products to buy this month.

Insha Allah.

My 'work station'. No, I don't have a beauty desk...

Sunday, April 20, 2014

My April 2014 Haul

There'll never be enough money
yet time
to feed your greeds

For me, my favorite days to spend my pocket money is always on the third week of every month, because probably that's the week of nobody's payday. Restaurants, cashiers, supermarkets, traffic, shopping malls, are all (almost) empty. It's like having a shopping venue for your own, no bumping, no traffic jam, no queueing line. The only bad thing is that you often have to see the unfriendly faces of those cash register officers, or makeup booth assistants, because well... it's not payday yet! LOL!

I never posted a haul before, so this is my first time. And these are the items I bought. Maybe if my husband wasn't pretty fussy about my shopping habit, I could have bought more. But trust me, these items are the things I need (I think), some of them are part my makeup routines, some are the things I haven't had any before.

Kojie San Dream White Anti Aging Soap

I grabbed this in a local drugstore because I was infatuated by one of an Indonesian beauty blogger who blogged about this soap (forgot who -_-). The word anti-aging always attract me. This is the small box. I'm using this, and after I spent the whole bar, I will try making a review.

Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap

I grabbed this because it's lined just beside the anti-aging soap. Curiousity, as usual.

Revlon & Maybelline Clear Lipgloss

Of all my lipgloss collection, I just realized that I don't have a clear one. I like Maybelline color better because it's so clear, but the formula often makes my lips dry, so I bought Revlon, just in case. I actually want to use these for my next lip art, just wait and see.

Revlon Colorstay Lipliner in Red

I always, always, wanted a flaming red eyeshadow like the ones Sugarpill and Lime Crime has, but those are too expensive for me. I tried many brands before but nothing could beat the shade, and using a red lipstick is just too messy, so why don't I just try using a lipliner instead?

Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer

I don't have a face primer. I think I need one.

Loreal makeup remover

The best makeup remover I ever tried.

Garnier BB Cream

It's out of curiousity. It's cheap anyway, just a sample size.

Revlon Nail Polish in Gold

This is actually a gift for buying a certain amount of Revlon products in the counter. Since I only have three bottles of black nail polish, I picked this as the gift! Hahahaha.

Silky Girl Pop Soda Lip Jelly

Mindy Pauline used to blogged about this sweet thing but finding this is pretty hard, so once I see it in the drugsture, I just grabbed it right away.


Yeah, that's all of my haul of this month.
Actually there are some more buahahahah, but I forgot where to put them. 
I think I'll find them. 
Yeah, I have to find them now.

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