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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Review: Beauty Creations Sweet Glow Highlight Palette


Highlighter itu termasuk benda yang jarang saya review. Dalam sejarah saya ngeblog dari tahun 2013, baru sekali saya mereview highlighter, itu pun yang bentuknya cair. Terus terang hal ini karena highlighter adalah makeup item yang tergolong baru buat saya, jadi agak bingung cara mereview-nya. Apa yang harus dibahas selain dari kilaunya? Akankah post saya tentang review highlighter akan menjadi basi karena terlalu sedikit yang saya bahas? Akankah post ini kelak akan berguna bagi nusa dan bangsa? Atau hanya menjadi bagian dari sejarah yang terlupakan? Tapi akhirnya saya mencoba mengesampingkan pemikiran negatif itu dan melangkah maju.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Review: Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer (No. 3/Transparent)

I think I've mentioned it before in my previous posts about Etude House products, that the company has the ability to name their products with such confusing names. I didn't even know what a 'volumer' really is, until I finally understood that this is actually a luminizer, a thick translucent oil you use to make your face look more radiant, or glowy, or dewy.
This cost USD 15 for 25 g on official web, but I bought this for about IDR 190K in @mai_shop in Instagram

This comes with a lavender box and a white pump bottle. There's a teardrop decoration on the bottle with hollographic effect. The pump itself is also very hygienic and easy to use. Please do not push the pump to deep or else you'll spoil too many product. Just do it lightly.
There are three variants: No 1/pure, No 3/transparent, and No 4/luminous. No 2 was discontinued.
The one I have is No. 3 or transparent. You can see the variant description on top of the box and at the backside of the bottle. This variant claims to give you a light and transparent glow.
*Please note that according to its official web that the ingredients of each variant are different. The one I copied above are the ones in variant No. 3 (transparent).

The consistency is some thick transparnet peach/pink oily cream, but it'll turn to clear one once you spread it. So it won't affect your foundation/BB cream shade. There's a hint of sunflower smell, but not too strong. There is no shimmer or glitter at all. Just a plain oil cream.




The first method is by mixing the volumer with BB cream with 1:3 ration. 1 one the volumer, and 3 for the BB cream. I would suggest you using the foundation or BB cream that has a matte result if you don't want to overdo it.


The result on my hand applied with BB cream and volumer is way more greasy/dewy.

Unfortunately, I've done this first method and apparently it didn't went pretty well. For the record, my skin type is normal to oily. And the result on me was way too greasy. I couldn't even apply my make up properly since they refuse to be absorbed by my super greasy skin at the time. My blusher, eyeliner, eyebrows were a complete mess. But if you insist on doing this method, please remember, DO NOT EVER apply this product to your eyelid. It's a very stupid thing I did anyway.

The second method is by using this as a highlighter. After doing all of my make up, I simply dab the products with my fingertip, onto my cheekbones, nose bridge, forehead (near my upper eyebrows), chin, and my cupid's bow. I just dab them in a very small amount to avoid the super greasy result. And turned out this method suits me better. I do this method for my daily makeup.

Some of the result:
This product is wearable for a tan or medium skintone as well.
Unfortunately, doing this method after the application of BB cream/foundation would only run my base make up, so I have to do more blending. Preferably with fingertip. Usually after dabbing this product, I would tap them again with a stippling brush to reduce the shinny effect. But if you prefer it to appear more shinny, then just leave it like that.
Despite the nice dewy/glowy effect it gives me, this product also leave some uneasy and heavy feeling on my skin. It feels sticky. And if you have a long hair and not wearing hijab like me, I'm afraid that you'll experience this uncomfortable experience when some of your hair sticked to your face where the cream was applied. Do you know what I mean?
For those who have normal and dry skin (especially dry skin) wearing this might compliment your make up look. I used to have dry skin few months ago, and it really help to even out those flaky skin. But I would not recommend this for oily skin as this would only make you look shinny, not in a nice way.

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