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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Review: Mores 2 Eyes Sleeping Eyes Mask & Mores White Booster (*)

Mores is Thailand premium skin care brand which was certified by Thailand and Korean FDA on February 2014. And last month I had chance to try out two of their skin care products: Mores 2 Eyes Sleeping Mask (full size) and Mores White Booster (travel size).

MORES 2 EYES Sleeping Mask

Mores 2 Eyes Sleeping Eyes Mask cream was infused in a transparent pump bottle which was originally packed in a bulky blue box. It has a quite unique pump that can be twisted around to pump out the product.

- Erases dark circles
- Minimizes the bags under your eyes and reduce swelling/bruising and keeps skin smoother
- Brightens and firms you under eyes
- Boosts tired eyes, strengthens, and prevents aging lines 


Mores White Booster I got was a travel size (5 ml size). This product is originally infused in a transparent pump bottle as you can see in the pictures below.

Judging from their claims above, Mores White Booster has all that most Indonesian women wanted the most: fair and flawless skin.

The texture of these two products are almost the same: creamy, light, absorbed easily, have that soothing/cooling sensation, and have that soft flowery scent. But Mores White Booster has thicker consistency than Mores 2 Eyes.

My Take

Mores 2 Eyes Sleeping Eyes Mask:
I only tried this product for less than a month. It has a light and creamy texture and felt cool and sooth my eyes. I love this feeling! For several weeks trying this, I experienced no breakout, instead I felt the puffiness and aging lines on my eyes decreased a little. And as for its brightening effect, I don't experience any significant result. I have very heavy dark circles under and upper my eyes, just for the record. So I guess, I still need stronger product to overcome this problem.

Mores White Booster:
Since I can only wear this about 2 or 3 times, I cannot review how this effects my skin. But I experienced no breakout at all and I love how the cream absorbed easily on my skin and doesn't give that oily/greasy look.

For more info of purchasing, you can visit their page:

Thank you for reading!

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