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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Review: OPI Matte Top Coat

I don't have so many nail polish collection. To be honest, now I only have three bottles of them, and they're all black! LOL! I get bored a lot with nail polish and ended up giving it to my friends or families, but I always keep the black ones because that color is like a holy color for me XD

Since I only have one color, I just don't know what to do to make a creation, and I'm sloppy, so nail art is definitely a big no-no. After reading some reviews on other beauty bloggers, I decided to create a matte look nail color, using O.P.I. Matte Top Coat. I imagined my nail would look like this:

A black matte Ford truck. Kewl, huh?!

Ok, ok, skip that truck anyway. LOL.

Why did I bought OPI? Because this is the only matte top coat I can find in Indonesia. I bought this from for about IDR 150K (USD 15).

The liquid is bottled in a thick glass, using a black plastic cap.

The liquid is clear with a strong smell of alcohol. Just like most nail products.

The result on my nails.

The whole look on my hands. Pardon my sloppy application. Do they look like that Ford truck already?

A little tip from me when using this top coat:
  • Wait until the nail polish dry up first before applying it or you'll stain the brush and the top coat liquid.
  • Make sure your nail is coated evenly with the nail color before applying it, or your nail would end up looking like this:

Bad top coat result due to uneven nail polish application

Ok, here are some facts about this product:
  • The matte result is not long lasting since it faded out overtime, then my nail polish became glossy again.
  • It's not fast drying, so be patient.
  • Too thick application is a big no-no and kinda make your nails look 'wavy'.
  • It's not just a regular top coat, so applying this definitely needs some practice.

I think I might buy some more color and even glitter to glam up my nail color collections. Until then, have fun!

The black nail polish is from Lovely Me:ex collection

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