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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Review: Princess Universe Soft Lens Galaxy Edition--Andromeda (Pink)

I'm a huge fan of Marilyn Manson, Sarah Brightman, good cup of coffee, and soft lens! And since I meant this blog to be a beauty and fashion blog mainly, so I decided to do a soft lens review only LOL.

My eyes are sensitive to soft lens. So it was such a struggle for me to wear them. I had several eye irritations before caused by soft lens. Many people told me to wear glasses instead of soft lens because they were much safer. On the contrary, these eyes Allah gifted to me are, somehow, 'occupied' with special needs: Myopia and Astigmatism. With a VERY high diopter. Don't ask the number :)

To the people who suggested eye glasses, don't they know that wearing them can burden your ears it hurts? Don't they know the headache you had when wearing them? Don't they know that fake eyelashes would ridiculously stuck on the lens? Don't they know those glasses would drop when you're sweating heavily and your noses got slippery? Don't they know that no one notice when you wear pretty eye make up? You can't look pretty because my glasses are super thick! Sorry I got carried away :D

At first, it was hard for me to find the right soft lens for these special eyes of mine until I found these crazy color soft lenses:


This is what they really looked like in actual light:

Manufacturer  : Princess
Country : Korea
Dia : 15.00 mm
Power  : 0.00 to -15.00
Water content : 52 %
Thickness : 0.20  mm
Life Span : 12mos (with maximum care)
Color type  : Bright
Price  : Around IDR 140K/pair (USD 14)

See the bold red text above? Yup, besides their super bright colors, the power that span to -15.00 is another fun fact about this product, which is a bless for the people with very high diopter needs.
I got these babes from
This shop is awesome, I'm telling you. Nice customer service and quick delivery. You can buy soft lenses with different power for your left and right eyes. Actually I wanted the red ones, but since they were temporarily unavailable, I chose the cute sweety lunatic pinky ones instead. Unfortunately these series does not have prescriptioned lenses for Astigmatism. This shop have them tho' but in other series.

This is the front and back side of these lenses

The manufacturer claims that these had small pores and used Silicone Hydrogel material which made Oxygen delivered easily to your cornea so you will feel comfortable up to 12 hours of usage. For those of you who are still unsure about Silicone Hydrogel, you can check out this site

When I first wore this, dang! It was super bright. Alhamdulillah Allah did not create pink as a natural eye color because some people would feel 'disturbed' seeing this. LOL. My first impression was that my pale face look even paler. There are many other pink soft lenses out there that look natural, but these are definitely not one of those. You have to balance it with heavy eye make up, at least wear bold upper eye liner, please, or else you'll be mistakenly presumed as a Pink Eye Syndrome victim :D

This is my 'pink eye' without make up

This is my 'pink eye' with heavy make up

Here's another application example, sorry can't show you the whole face because I did not wear my hijab.

See the difference?

I wear these in air-conditioned place (aka MALL :D). I was there for about 4 hours and didn't put any eye drop, it felt amazingly comfortable. First, I thought maybe because that was the first usage, any soft lens would felt comfortable on its first use. But I've been using these for about 3 months and they didn't feel less comfortable. Please note that I have very sensitive eyes. Of course I always rinse them carefully after each usage. I would like to share some tips about soft lenses usage some other time   :)

So far, this is my verdicts about these pinky babes:
  • very bright pink color
  • you have to combine it with heavy eye make up, at least bold upper liner
  • wide range of Myopia prescription choices (up to -15.00)
  • no Astigmatism prescription
  • medium comfort
  • not meant for natural look
  • please be self-confident when using it for daily uses
  • the pattern is too simple
  • low eye-enlargement 
Will I buy it? No, at least not for this color. I hunt for the red ones and I already have so many wishlist on my mind! ^_^
This is one of them: the monotone soft lens, Princess Mint.

See? Cute isn't it? LOL. I'll definitely have you one day!

Note: I write this based on my own experience. Result may vary to each individual.

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