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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Review: Baby Color Candy Rainbow Softlens (Gray)

Dear all my friends,
I have been using colored softlenses a lot lately due to numbers of makeup experiments I did. I've been practicing a lot and wearing softlenses is a must, otherwise all I see is just blots of colors. The problem is, my eyes are very sensitive, so finding the right ones is quite challenging.

I usually wear softlenses from the Princess series due to their comfort, but I just want to try others: Baby Color Candy Rainbow.

The packaging is my favourite, blisters! They are easier to be undone and won't hurt my fingers. These babies are available from plano up to minus 10. I chose the maximum power.

There is a story behind the lens power I chose: minus 10.00. I'll tell you about that later on. 

There are four variants of these series: blue, pink, gray, and chocolate/honey. Mine is gray. The seller said gray was the brighest colors. You can google for yourself and find how beautiful each colors are!

Love the pattern. Although it's gray, but there are blots of yellow shade. And the black rings will absolutely makes your eyes look bigger.

Left: Outter side
Right: Inner side

Wore on my eyes. See? They appear much larger and lighter.

Wore on an EOTD experiment.

The whole face look.

 Soooo, this is why I chose minus 10.00. My actual diopter needs for softlens is only -9.00, but I also have Astigmatism -2.75. By doing some googling, a few source said that you can migrate your astigmatism power to your softlens minus power. For example, if you have -5.00 and astigmatism -1.00, so you can wear softlens with -6.00 power. This is, of course, to reduce the cost since toric softlenses are six times more expensive. But you know what, it's absolutely nonsense, at least for me. I still experience seeing blurry lines. Instead, the effect is worse, I see things even smaller than their actual sizes, so it kinda makes me a bit dizzy. And it is soooo hard to draw eyeliners. Mistakes are everywhere. Gah!

Other than the mistakes on the power I chose, I do not experience any problem at all by wearing these softlenses. My sensitive eyes usualy will show red circles around the eyeballs when I wore wrong softlenses, but it doesn't happen with these. I also use this for indoor activities in ACed rooms with no solution drop for more than 8 hours, and I don't even need Cendo Xitrol application afterwards.

How these babies look on your face (or how these makes your face look like, to be exact) is an appearence booster for about, 30% better I guess? LOLs. As you can see by the picture, the color is an absolute bright. Don't look for these if 'au naturel' is your cup of tea, my friends. Softlens ini spesifik dibuat untuk orang-orang dengan jiwa 'banci tampil' minimal 30% lah. Hehehe...

One thing I kinda doubt about these are the manufacturer, they said it's Korean. But you should check out their official page, and I'm pretty sure the language is not Korean.... Chinese perhaps? What do you think?

  • Manufacturer : Baby Color
  • Origin : Korea
  • Diameter: 19.80 mm
  • Water Content : 60%
  • Life spam : up to 12 months with maximum care
  • Color variant : gray, blue, pink, brown/honey
  • Power : -0.00 to 10.00
  • Bright color
  • Instant dolly effect
  • Very comfortable
  • Price : around IDR 150K (USD 15) in many softlenses online shops, but I don't know where to find these offline.

Last word?
Cintaaaa banget sama softlens ini ^_^
Tapi jangan beli minus ini lagi...

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