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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Tutorial: Ombre Lips Using Matte Liquid Lip Colors


Udah lama gue ga bikin video. Kali ini gue mau kasi tau cara gue bikin ombre lips style menggunakan matte liquid lip color. Ombre lips itu sebenernya mirip-mirip kayak gradient lips ala Korea. Cuma bedanya kalo gradient lips lebih ke warna natural bibir, sedangkan Ombre Lips lebih luas lagi macemnya. Intinya sih tetep menekankan pada gradasi dua atau lebih warna lipstik di bibir kamu.

Mungkin banyak yang udah gape lah bikin ombre lips. Tapi di sini gue mau bikin tutorial menggunakan liquid matte lip colors yang akhir-akhir ini lagi ngetrend. Seringkali suka sebel kan bikinnya sedangkan produk udah keburu kering di bibir sebelom sempat di blend warnanya.

Untuk pemilihan warna, elo bisa gonta-ganti sesuai selera, atau sesuai produk yang elo punya. Hehehe.

Yuk simak video ini!

Products used:
  • BH Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Cha Cha
  • LA Girl Cosmetics Matte Pigment Gloss in Stunner

Selamat mencoba!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Review: BH Cosmetics Eyes On The '80s Eyeshadow Palette

I bought this months ago to replace my dying Coastal Scents 120 eyeshadow palette. Why dying? Because I bought it 5 years ago when I was pregnant. The texture still looks good until this very second, actually. But I just don't wanna take the risk of applying expired eyeshadows onto my eyelids. So, well, I think I have to send it 6 feet underground. Too bad since I felt like haven't played with it too much.

And, so, why this palette once again? Why not repurchasing exactly the same palette? I don't know. I don't always have an explainable reason for every thing I do. If I want it, then I want it.

Actually, there are several palette coming from this serries, they are from the '60s, '70s, '90s, and this one I own, '80s. Why '80s? Well, simply because I love bright colors which this palette have them all. The packaging design really represents what become a trend in that 1980s era. Jaman dengan gaya yang paling 'ngehe', if I may say. LOLs.

The palette packed in a matte carton box, not plastic, so it's not heavy. It's also equipped with a hidden magnet seal. But I would suggest to put extra tape seal if you bring this for traveling since I think the magnet is not very secure.

There's a thick plastic attached on the pallete for extra safety. And don't worry, the plastic is sticked.

There are 30 shades available ranges from bright neon shades to earthly colors, ranges from mattes to shimmeries, but I have to warn you that shimmery colors are more dominant. So, you might hate this if you are a fan of those ultra matte eyeshadows.

The warning saya it's for external use only. So you cannot eat this. LOLs.

Here are the complete swatches. I have to say that the actual colors are so much darker in real life. Appology for taking the colors in natural lighting. My camera captures better pictures with flash. Sorry... And btw, I didn't use any eye primer/base in advance, just to test its own performance.

Populated by variety of matte neon colors.

  1. Bright orange. Medium pigmentation. Matte.
  2. Bright yellow. Medium pigmentation. Matte.
  3. Light green. Low pigmentation. Matte.
  4. Light green, but darker than #3. High pigmentation. Powdery. Matte.
  5. Dark purple. High pigmentation. Powdery. Matte
  6. Dark purple. Low pigmentation. Matte. Great for Halloween eye makeup.


Also populated by matte neon colors.

7.    True red. High pigmentation. Matte. Powdery.
8.    Fucshia. High pigmentation. Matte. Powdery.
9.    Shocking barbie pink. Low pigmentation. Matte.
10.  Gold. High pigmentation. Shimmery.
11.  Lime. Poor pigmentation. Powdery. Matte.
12.  Leaf green. High pigmentation. Shimmer. Buttery texture.


This range is full of turqoise blue.

13.   Light purple. Poor pigmentation. Shimmer. *Iridescent.
14.   Blue turqoise. High pigmentation. Buttery texture. Matte.
15.   Blue turqoise. High pigmentation. Buttery texture. Shimmery.
16.   Blue turqoise but lighter than #15. High pigmentation. Buttery texture. Shimmery.
17.   Very light blue. High pigmentation. Buttery texture. Shimmery.
18.   Blue. Similar to shade #5 but iridescent. High pigmentation. Buttery texture.

*Iridescent color: the color that has 3D effect, may look a bit different if you see it from another angle.

The line is filled with pink and purple.

19.   Purple. The color is actually darker in real life. High pigmentation. Shimmery. Buttery texture.
20.   Light purple. Low pigmentation. Shimmery. Iridescent.
21.   Red. High pigmentation. Shimmery.
22.   Light red. Medium pigmentation. Buttery texture. Shimmery.
23.   Baby pink. Medium pigmentation, looks matte in the pan, but shimmery in real swatch.
24.   Champagne. A very pretty color. Medium pigmentation. Buttery texture. Shimmery.

This range owns by toned down earthly colors.

25.   Fleshtone pink. Low pigmentation. Iridescent. Shimmery.
26.   Fleshtone. Low pigmentation. Matte. Looks invisible since the shade is the same with my skin.
27.   Taupe or ashy brown. Low pigmentation. Matte.
28.   Dark reddish brown. Low pigmentation. Matte.
29.   Reddish brown. High pigmentation. Shimmery.
30.   Black. High pigmentation. Very very shimmery, or if I may say, glittery.
Overall, this palette is a good find if you aim for the balance between neon and earthly colors. However, the shimmery ones are seemed to be more dominant than the matte ones, even some of the neutral ones are shimmery, so I think this is more suitable for creating colorful and eye catching looks.
The pigmentation varies from low to high. But the lows one can be easily tricked by using eye primer in advance. I've tried that even to the most sheer colors, it worked pretty well.
One thing this palette lacks of is the black and white shades. The black is shimmery, it should have come in matte color, and the white... it's a pretty bad thing that it is not available in this palette. So yeah, having this palette alone is not enough, you must buy more to complete the whole color collection.
This palette is available in, also in several local online stores, with variable price. The official price was USD 19.95, but while this post is published it's on sale for only USD 8.95.
Okay, before I end this, here are the eye makeups I created using this palette. I can create countless looks by just using three-shade palette, let alone 30! LOLs.
Please enjoy!

Using shade No. 1 and 12. And add another green from Sleek Acid Palette.

Using shade No 6, 8, 9, and 22. You can check out the tutorial here.

Using shade No 7, 1, 2, 4, 12, 14, and 6. And add another light purple and white from Sleek Acid Palette.


Using the shade No. 9, 6, and 14. Check out the tutorial here.


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